New Cross-Strait Flights Halted, Talks to Start
The Taiwan authority has shortened the licenses for new flights as the two quibbled over an increase in the number of the flights.
Rio Tinto, Chinalco Sign Agreement for Guinea Iron-Ore Project JV
The agreement will allow Chalco to aquire a 47 percent stake in the new JV by providing 1.35 billion U.S. dollars over the next two to three years.
Carlyle Group Raises Billions in First-Phase Funding in Beijing
The Carlyle Group is expected to raise more than one billion yuan through an RMB fund in its first phase fund-raising.
ICBC Plans 45Bln Yuan in Rights Offer
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China plans to raise up to 45 billion yuan via a right issue in Shanghai and Hong Kong to replenish capital.
Double-Dip Unlikely Despite Slower Growth: Central Bank
"While a further slowdown and stabilization of growth is likely, the possibility of a double-dip is low.”
China’s Central Bank Says Prices Curbed, but Warns Inflationary Risks
The consumer price index for the first half rose by 2.6 percent, or 3.7 percentage points compared with the same period of last year.
China’s LNG Demand Forecast Raised to 46Mln Tons
China’s LNG demand may reach 46 million metric tons a year in 2020, compared with a prior estimate of 31 million tons a year.
China Eastern Airlines to Set up JV with Yunnan Gov.
China Eastern Airlines planned to invest 2.38 billion yuan for 65 percent stake in a joint venture with the government of Yunnan Province.
Suspected Cases of Lead Poisoning Hit 84 in SW China
The number of suspected cases of children who have been poisoned by lead from illegal smelters increased to 84.
AVIC Invests 10Bln to Build Aviation Industrial Park in North China
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China will invest 10 billion yuan to build an aviation science and technology industrial park in Changchun, capital of north China’s Jilin Province.
U.S. Predicts Record High Deficit for 2010
New estimates from the White House predict the U.S. budget deficit will reach a record 1.47 trillion U.S. dollars this year.
H1 World FDI Flow Records Slow Recovery
Global foreign direct investment inflows in 2010 are expected to reach 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars in 2010 and 1.6-2 trillion dollars in 2012.
China, Japan to Start Negotiation over East China Sea Dispute on July 27
China and Japan agreed to launch formal negotiations over issues related to East China Sea on July 27.
World Bank Says China’s Urban Transport Has Potential for Emission Reduction
In addition to the motorization level, which is generally associated with per capita income, other factors such as priority to public transport and restrictions on private cars also contribute to the CO2 emission.
Mass Disturbances in East China over Land Acquisition Spread
Week-long mass disturbances in East China’s Tong'an, a small town in Su Zhou city, have spread to nearby areas, triggered by long-term suppressed anger toward local governments on matters related to land acquisition.
China Class A Ordinary Shares to Dominate Global IPOs: DTT
China’s IPOs in class A ordinary share market is expected to raise a record high of 400 billion U.S. dollars by the year end.
Meet Pan Gongsheng: Get the Whole Story of AgBank IPO
As the last of the "big four" banks to go public in China, AgBank made its stock market debut in mid-July, signaling the success of the first phase shareholding reforms of state-owned commercial banks.
China Should Boost Overseas Loans: Official
"China should expand the scale of overseas lending and back purchasing activities for Chinese technologies, equipments, and consumer goods using the Chinese currency."
Let Banks Be Public Corporations
The next stage of banking reform must rely on the real reform of corporate governance.
China Remains Attractive for Foreign Investment: JP Morgan
In the past six months, enterprises have set their final IPO prices a relatively low level in Hong Kong Stock Market at, as investors still remain wary about economic recovery.
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