Buffett to Sell Stake in Chinese Car Maker BYD?
Buffet could deliver some tough talk when he visits BYD next week, including potential plans to sell down his stake in BYD.
China, U.S. Trade War will Lead to Chain Losses: CICC Report
Any sanction measures against China will result in a chain effect that will cause losses to not only China and the United States, but also East Asian countries.
China Launched Interbank Loan Trading
The national interbank loan transfers will help lenders to better handle risks and promote the liberalization of interest rates.
Chinese Economy to Experience Depression in 2013: Economists
The Chinese economy is bound to depression by 2013, according to several economists’ forecast today at an economic forum.
Chinese Premier Denies Drastic Currency Appreciation
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao denied possibilities for Chinese currency, the yuan or renminbi, to appreciate drastically despite pressures from the U.S. congress members.
China Faces Housing Bubble, No Plummet Ahead: Economist
Economist Cheng Siwei warned of a housing bubble in key Chinese cities but predicted the prices would not decline sharply.
IMF to Raise China's Membership Quota
The IMF is likely to raise the membership quota of China to 6 percent from 3.9 percent now, putting in line with Japan.
China Bank Aug FX Purchase Rise Hints At Hot Money Inflows
Foreign exchange purchases by Chinese banks rose in August, hitting a four-month high, suggesting that inflows of speculative “hot money” are returning to China.
China Suspended High-Level Exchanges over Japan's Prolonged Detention of Boat Captain
“If Japan acts willfully despite advice to the contrary and insists on making one mistake after another, the Chinese side will take strong countermeasures.”
China to Keep its Monetary Policy Unchanged: Bankers
The percentage of respondents who felt monetary policy would remain unchanged in the next quarter rose 12.4 percentage points to 63.9 percent.
Taiwan to Approve Two Mainland Banks to Set up Branches Before End-2010
Taiwan's "FSC" is processing applications from the Chinese mainland's Bank of China and Bank of Communications to set up branch offices in Taiwan, and is expected to give its seal of approval before the end of this year
Morgan Stanley’s Roach: Nothing Wrong with China Relying on Currency Anchor
"There is nothing wrong with China relying on a currency anchor as a linchpin of financial stability.”
China Increases Holdings of U.S. Treasury Bonds
China, the largest holder of U.S. Treasury debt, edged up its holdings in July after two months of declines.
China's Central Bank Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged
China's central bank decided to keep its loose monetary policy unchanged, according to 2010 China Financial Stability Report.
Update: A Worker Nailed Following Xie Chaoping’s Detention
A printing house worker was detained by local police for “illegal business activities”, half month later after Xie Chaoping’s custody. He was the former superintendent of the printing of Xie’s book.
Groundless to Accuse China’s Exchange Rate Policy Due to Trade Surplus: MOC
China doesn’t want “a few politicians” to attract votes by accusing China’s trade policies, especially the currency system.
Negative Interest Rate may Feed House Prices Bounce, State Media Warns
Low interest rates will help reduce financing costs of the companies, but at the same time, it will further enhance inflationary expectations.
UN Says World Hunger Declines, But Still Far Short of Goal
The number of people going hungry in the world has declined by nearly 100 million, but is still estimated at more than 900 million.
15 Mln Tons of Oil Developed by Other Countries in South China Sea
Nearly 15 million tons of oil was developed by more than 150 companies from other countries in China’s South Sea (Nanhai).
Chinese Experts Isolates a New Virus as Pathogen of Tick Borne Disease
The new type of bunyavirus is preliminarily confirmed as the culprit causing the infections, however, a disease recognized before, namely human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA), cannot be ruled out yet as a possible cause.
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