A New Path to a Low-Carbon Economy
The time has come for the US, China, India, and other major economies to declare how they will foster their own transition to a low-carbon economy.
Inflation Alert Indicates Tightening Policy Next Year: Mizuho Securities
The central bank is stepping up policy tightening because of rising inflation.
Yohoo Says No Plan to Slash 20Pct of Staff
Yahoo Inc. on Thursday deflected a report that the Internet company plans to cut a 20 percent of worldwide staff, calling it "misleading and inaccurate."
Gome Seeks to Enlarge Board Representation for Founder
GOME said it will seek approval from shareholders to enlarge its board to 13 directors from 11 and appoint two directors nominated by Shinning Crown.
China Central Bank Shrinks 300 Bln Yuan in Money Pool by Hiking Reserves
The move is part of Chinese government’s efforts to curb inflation and investment on the eve of Thursday’s release of figures that are expected to show inflation surged past 4 percent in October.
SINA, MSN China Wrap a Deal in Instant Messaging
SINA Corp, which operates the largest web portal in China, is reported to have entered into a strategic partnership with MSN China.
Government Leaders Slam U.S. Ease Monetary Policy Before G20 Summit
Chinese and European leaders have said they plan to discuss the impact of quantitative easing at the G20 summit this week in Seoul.
The Humiliation of Britain
To borrow from your own people is especially non-humiliating when your economy is in depression, when the interest rates at which you can borrow are at near-record lows, and when every economic argument cries out for spending now and taxing later.
China Gov. Denies Large Hot-Money Inflow
China has huge inflows of net capital and a relatively big trade surplus, but those should not be considered speculative "hot money".
Why Has America's Economic Recovery Stalled?
A significantly higher saving rate would help the US economy in the long run, but it would be a barrier to robust growth in the next few years.
China to Become 2nd Largest Consumption Nation Aided by Small-City Consumers
China will become the second-largest consumption nation over five years, eclipsing Japan, as the country’s middle-income and affluent consumers probably almost triple in 10 years.
China's IMF Voting Rights Set to 3rd Place
China's voting power will be elevated above IMF European powers such as Germany, Britain and France, and become the third most powerful IMF member.
China FDI to Hit $420Bln in the "11th Five-Year Plan" Period
China, retained the first spot in FDI among developing countries for 18 years, is expected to see its global ranking rise to the second place.
Gov. Intervenes in China's Most Serious Internet Spat
Chinese government intervened in the most serious Internet spat that has been lasted for months.
Chinese Mainland Among 15 "Most Improved" Economies
Chinese mainland ranked within the 15 most-improved economies, but the overall ranking in the report slid to 79th from 78th, according to the latest IMF business report.
Brady Bonds For the Eurozone
Rather than continuing to pile new debts onto bad debts, the EU stabilization fund could be used to collateralize such new par bonds.
Chinese Central Gov. Aims More Dividends From SOEs
China may raise the dividends rate paid by state-owned enterprises every year to up to 30 percent from the current 5 percent.
US Further Eases Monetary Policy, DJI Rallies
U.S. launched the second round of government bonds purchase of 600 million U.S. dollars after a two-day federal meeting to spur the faltering U.S. economy.
Sino-U.S. Trade Conflict to Continue: CCIC Officer
Subject to the U.S. political situation, trade imbalance between the two countries and Chinese currency will be uses as two important tools to distract voters for a long time.
China Minmetals Plans Hong Kong IPO for Rare Earth Unit
Chinese mining giant Minmetals plans to list its rare earth unit in Hong Kong, as the price of rare earth elements hit new highs driven by rendered speculation amid international supply worries.
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