China to Become World's Second Largest Consumer Market
China’s economy is growing at a pace 20-30 times faster than that in western countries, so it is likely for China to become the world’s consumption engine over three to five years.
China Signs $4.7Bln of Deals with Britain
The 15 deals worth up to 46.68 billion U.S. dollars covered areas in low-carbon development, wildlife protection, deep sea oil and gas production and co-operations in financial sectors.
China's New Lending in 2010 Hit 7.95Trl Yuan, M2 Rose 19.7Pct
China’s new lending in 2010 was 7.95 trillion yuan, and the broad money supply, or M2 rose 19.7 percent year-on-year to 72.58 trillion yuan.
America's Political Class Struggle
As in many countries, conflicts over public morality and national strategy come down to questions of money.
Li Keqiang: To Build a Xiaokang Society is China's Development Goal by 2020
"To build a Xiaokang society in all respects is China’s development goal by 2020."
Government Clears Rumors of Qilu Bank's Failure over Loan Fraud
Local government on Thursday cleared rumors that the Jinan-based Qilu Bank is at risk of failure on a loan fraud probably involving more than one billion yuan.
China will Continue with Rare Earth Supply, Says Li Keqiang
Though China controls just 36 percent of the world’s rare earths reserves, it supplies 97 percent of global demand.
Commercial Deals will not Help Lift EU's Arms Embargo Against China
Countries against lifting arm embargo such as the U.K, the Netherland, and Germany, have turned into “a tame opposition.”
700 Mln Chinese Farmers Still Could not Benefit From the Economic Growth: Li Keqiang
700 million farmers couldn’t benefit from the country’s rapid growth and prosperity.
India's Elites in Crisis
Except in totalitarian regimes, a country’s elite depends on a degree of popular acceptance, which is mostly derived from the belief that the elite is broadly “fair” in its dealings.
China Inflation Sets to Rebound in Jan.: Goldman Sachs
Prices in China set to rebound in January as the year-end effect fades away, along with robust growth of real economy and ample liquidity.
Eastern Europe's Ostrich Policy on HIV
The popular explanation for lack of action in Russia and Ukraine is that their governments view IDUs as criminals, rather than people with a disease, and adopt an informal let-them-rot policy.
China’s Tolerance for Inflation Hasn't Changed Fundamentally: CICC
Although the government raised the official inflation target from 3 percent this year to about 4 percent next year, its attitude towards inflation has not changed fundamentally.
China Issues Anti-Price Monopoly Provision
Detailed regulations were formulated against price monopolies, which forbid enterprises from reaching price fixing agreements and other price monopoly activities.
China's Aggregate Equity Value Ranks the Second
China’s aggregate value of listed stock ranks the second globally, with more than 2,000 listings and 130 million investors.
Getting Corruption Right
If policies can create corruption, it is equally true that the cost of corruption will vary with the specific policies.
China Sets 7Pct Target for Per Capita Income Growth
China sets its per capita income growth at 7 percent annually during the 12th five-year plan (2011-2015), at the same pace of anticipated economic growth.
China HSBC PMI Slows to 54.4 in December
The HSBC China Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) slipped to 54.4 in December from 55.3 in November as output and new businesses increased at the slowest pace in three months.
A Time to Spend
Because only the government can create the investment-grade financial assets that are in short supply in a depression, it is the government’s task to do so.
China Issues First Anti-Corruption White Paper
The government highly values the positive role played by the Internet in enhancing supervision, and will continue to build and strengthen a convenient and unimpeded feedback channel for the public.
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