JPMorgan Revises China Growth Forecast Down to 9.4Pct—Report
JPMorgan Chase & Co. economists late on Wednesday reduced their full year growth estimate for China to 9.4 percent from 9.6 percent.
China's Meat Company Hit by Additive Allegations
Shares of Shuanghui fell 10 percent to 77.94 yuan yesterday after its subsidiary in Jiyuan city purchased pigs fed with the banned addictive Clenbuterol.
China Cut U.S. Treasury Bond Holdings by $5.4Bln in January
China in January cut holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds by 5.4 billion U.S. dollars, but retained as the largest foreign creditor.
Japan's Quake to Complicate Inflation in China: Industrial Bank Economist
Halted production at electronics and auto factories in Japan, triggered by powerful earthquake, will make the inflation situation more complicated in the short run in China.
Japanese PM Naoto Kan Says Danger of Radiation Leaks
Japanese PM Naoto Kan on Tuesday morning warned of further radiation leakage at Fukushima nuclear power plant when delivering a speech to his nation, after a fire broke out at Reactor 4.
Pain without Purpose
Right now, the global economy is suffering a grand mal seizure of slack demand and high unemployment. We know the cures. Yet we seem determined to inflict further suffering on the patient.
China to Cut Researches on Earthquake Prediction
The Chinese government will perhaps cut researches on earthquake prediction, said Chen Yuntai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Highlights of Premier Wen’s Notes When Meeting Press After Top Legislature Concludes Annual Session
Highlights of Premier Wen's Notes When Meeting Press After Top Legislature Concludes Annual Session on inflation, economic growth, etc.
Japan Rushing for Quake Victims Rescue
Japan's earthquake-triggered crisis continue unabated on Monday; 1,647 had been reported dead and 1,720 missing ending noon today, media reported citing local police.
The Mauritius Miracle
Maybe that appreciation for its human resources is what led Mauritius to realize that education for all was crucial to social unity.
Will Next Time Be Different?
If the Fed wants to restore incentives for risk takers and savers, it should offset the effects of staying “low for long” in bad times by increasing interest rates more rapidly than is strictly necessary as the economy recovers.
China Consumer Price Index Up 4.9Pct in February
The consumer price index (CPI), the main gauge of inflation, was unchanged from January to February, but rose 4.9 percent from the same period of last year.
Economists See Feb.' Surprise Trade Deficit as Temporary
China’s trade deficit in February could merely a blip and the country will likely return to surplus in the next few months, economists said.
China Should Aim for Full Yuan Convertibility, Says China Central-Bank Advisor
China should aim for full yuan convertibility over the next 10 years and have the yuan account for about 3 percent to 4 percent of total international reserves.
Zhang Dazhong to Replace Chen Xiao as Gome CEO
Gome’s chairman Chen Xiao will be leaving his post and Zhang Dadazong will take helm at Gome after his departure, sources said. An official statement is expected to be released today.
China Aviation Company AVIC Faces Scrutiny in Buying U.S. Plane Maker
China’s state-run aviation giant, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, is facing U.S. government scrutiny in its proposed purchase of a Minnesota-based small-aircraft maker announced last week.
Targeting the Targeters
Simply put, in order to anchor inflation expectations effectively, inflation targets must be realistic.
“Hungers for Money” are Overblown, Says Former PBOC Deputy Governor
The widely discussed “hungers for funds” in Chinese market are actually overblown, said former deputy governor of People’s Bank of China Su Ning.
Highlights of Premier Wen' s government work report--Full Text Attached
Highlights of Premier Wen' s government work report on Saturday morning at the annual session of the National People' s Congress (NPC).
China's State Web to go Public in June
[2011-03-07], the online news portal of the official organ newspaper, The People’s Daily, is eyeing an initial public offering (IPO) as early as in June.
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