Europe and the Arab Spring
Europe’s choice now is clear: mobilize to help its neighbors open up their economies and societies, or start beefing up its coastguards and ordering patrol boats.
China Likely to Hike Bank Reserves to up to 23Pct
An increase in the banks’ deposit reserve requirement will have greater effect than other tools on the regulation of monetary supply, while the best level for the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) should be targeted at around 23 percent.
China to Raise Rare Earths Tax From April 1
The resource tax rate for mined light rare earths will be 60 yuan per ton, while medium and heavy rare earths will be taxed at 30 yuan a ton.
Imperialism Reclaimed
Some syntheses and accommodations between the West and the rest will inevitably accompany the shift in power and wealth from the former to the latter. The only question is whether the process will be peaceful.
Understanding Japan's Disasters
Japan's disasters will add to the global economy’s headwinds – be they the impact of the initial fall in consumption in the world’s third-largest economy, or disruptions to global supply chains (particularly in technology and autos).
Two Global Giants Involved in China's Largest Oil Smuggling Case
Two global typhoons -- KOLMAR and Glencore -- are reportedly involved in China’s largest oil smuggling in a decade with their Beijing branches staff being investigated.
The Road to Fiscal Crisis
The financial sector in the US and globally has become much more unstable in recent decades, and there is nothing in any of the reform efforts undertaken since the near-meltdown in 2008 that will make it safer.
Beijing Plans to Control Population within 18 Mln by 2020
China plans to control its population in the capital Beijing within 18 million by 2020, a top city official said.
The False Panacea of Labor-Market Flexibility
A certain amount of labor-market rigidity may make economic sense for jobs that require firm-specific skills and training, alongside greater flexibility for jobs that require fewer skills.
China Telecom Plans to Purchase Wireless Network From Parent
China Telecom Corp, the country’s largest fixed-line carrier, plans to buy the CDMA mobile phone network for its parent company funded with debt.
China May Suffer 9Bln Future Losses Annually in Tropical Cyclones: World Bank
Three countries are expected to suffer 90 percent of annual losses due to the probable storms, with damages in the United States worth 30 billion U.S. dollars, in Japan 10 billion and 9 billion in China.
China to Relax Control on Domestic Oil Prices, Says Premier Wen
China will relax control over domestic oil prices, gearing them towards the international market, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was quoted by Phoenix TV as saying.
Thailand in Yellow and Red
Unless good-faith efforts at compromise are shown by all sides, Thailand will not retake its rightful place among the world’s up-and-coming democracies.
Japan Needs $100Bln for Reconstruction, Further QE Poses Challenges to China
It will take Japan some 100 billion U.S. dollars and five years for reconstruction after the devastating earthquake, while further quantitative easing may pose challenges to China.
Qihoo to Issue 12.1Mln ADSs in IPO
Qihoo 360 plans to issue 12.1 million American Depositary shares (ADS), after the security software maker’s initial public offering of up to 151 million U.S. dollars is three times oversubscribed.
Crude Oil Futures Rose $2 on Monday, as Western Forces Attack Libya
Crude oil futures rose more than two U.S. dollars on Monday, as the day-old western attacks on Libya are fueling turmoil in the 12th largest oil producer, bringing oil exports in this country close to paralysis.
Dead Parrot Trade Talks
Given the stakes for the global economy, the Doha Round must be saved.
Chinese Gov. Quells Panic-Buying of Salt on Japan's Radiation Fears
“Salt supply is completely guaranteed in the country,” said China's Ministry of Commerce, aiming to quell concerns over salt safety.
China ZTE Wins Bid for Malaysia Wireless Network Construction
ZTE Corporation has signed an agreement with Malaysia’s telecom operating giant U MOBILE to deploy a high-speed wireless network across Malaysia.
The Dirt on Nuclear Power
To put a serious accident in context, if 10 million people were exposed to radiation from a complete nuclear meltdown, about 100,000 would die from acute radiation sickness within six weeks.
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