Walmart to End Trust-Mart Deal, Two Top Executives Resigned
Roland Lawrence, Walmart's chief financial officer in China, and Rob Cissell, China chief operating officer, had both resigned “due to personal reasons to explore other opportunities.”
China to Ease Bans on Japan Food Imports
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday said that his government will be the first to lift bans over food imported from Yamagata and Yamanashi, which were imposed after the March 11 quake and tsunami
Food Inflation may Rise on Spreading Global Drought
Droughts spreading across the world including China, Russia, the United States and France, may further fuel the already-tough inflationary situation especially in food sector
Hobble and Muddle
The world economy would heal, but in a slow and uneven fashion, as advanced economies muddled through while the more dynamic emerging world gradually closed today’s income and wealth gaps.
The IMF’s Switch in Time
we should have learned from the crisis that financial markets need regulation, and that cross-border capital flows are particularly dangerous.
China Economist Warns over Bubbles all over China
China's independent economist Andy Xie warned Thursday over the country’s bubbles all around, saying that would eventually lead to a similar disaster as South Asia crisis in 1997 if not pricked.
Stuck in Transition
Conditional on reforms, Europe must open its market to both its southern and eastern neighbors.
Lumpy Labor
Generating full-time jobs that pay decent wages was becoming ever more difficult.
China Central Bank Governor Defends Expansionary Monetary, Fiscal Polices: Shanghai Lujiazui Forum
China has been facing uncertainties in responses to hacking crisis, which makes it difficult to assess the negative impacts from such policies, Zhou Xiaochuan said.
Baidu Sued in New York for Censoring China Internet Search Results: Media
Baidu Inc was sued by eight Chinese living in New York, for helping the government to censor political expression that violates the U.S. Constitution.
IMF Managing Director Strauss-Kahn Resigns
Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as head of the International Monetary Fund after being charged on alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid in New York, the agency said in a statement Thursday.
Shares Fall After Ku6 Sheds 150 Staff in Marketing Restructuring
Shares of Ku6 Media Co., Ltd fell on early trading today by 12.53 percent after the company slashed 150 employees in an effort to restructure the marketing department.
Latin America's Glossed Decade
Latin America’s time has finally come, too many pundits will keep saying. If only they were right.
Emerging Markets to Hold Half of Global Growth by 2025
Emerging markets including China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Russia will contribute more than half of global growth by 2025, from the current one third, a recent World Bank study showed.
The Mediterranean Reborn
The Mediterranean is also undergoing another revival, equally important in terms of geo-economics.
Will The US Have A “Debt Crisis”?
The Republican leadership is making threats that are not credible.
Zhu Min a Possible Candidate to Replace Kahn: Media
Zhu was both listed as a possible candidate by BBC and AP, with many anticipating emerging markets' growing voice at the IMF.
PetroChina Widens Refining Loss in April
PetroChina sustained a refining loss of more than 5.0 billion yuan ($768 million) in April.
China’s Total Fertility Rate Grossly Overestimated
China has been maintained a much lower birth rate in recent years than acclaimed by the government, with an increasing vocal group of academic demographers calling for a relaxation of the current one-child policy.
China Cut U.S. Debt Holdings for Five Consecutive Months
China cut its holdings of U.S. Treasury debt for the fifth consecutive month since last November by 9.2 billion U.S. dollars in March.
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