Bin Laden and the Afghan Endgame
There is a chance that, following Bin Laden’s death, the Haqqani group could now be tamed and thus become willing to enter into negotiations with the Afghan government.
Is Growth Incomplete without Social Progress?
A development strategy that promotes growth first, and only then deals with human misery, is not sustainable.
Chinese Yuan to Overtake Pound as 3rd Currency for Trade
Chinese yuan is expected to replace the British pound sterling as the third most popular currency for trade settlement globally in the next half year.
The Ethanol Hunger
Biofuels policies in the US and the European Union have led to the creation of biofuels industries with significant output capacity – mainly ethanol in the US and biodiesel in the EU.
The ECB's Secret Bailout Strategy
So financing a continued PIGS current-account deficit of about €100 billion a year would consume the entire stock of base money within another six or seven years.
Forex Reserves is Main Source of Excess Liquidity, Says Central Bank Vice Governor
The huge stockpile of foreign exchange reserves in China is the main source of excessive liquidity in the country, says central bank Vice-Governor Yi Gang.
Europe's Test in North Africa
The mainstream reaction has been much more fearful: media and politicians throughout the European Union are obsessing about the threat of waves of migrants reaching their borders.
The Global Economy's Corporate Crime Wave
Given the close connections of wealth and power with the law, reining in corporate crime will be an enormous struggle.
Sleepwalking through America's Unemployment Crisis
At its root, America’s jobs crisis is the result of many years of under-investment in human resources and the social sectors.
China Deducts $94Bln of U.S. Long-Term Corporate Bonds Holdings
China had deducted its holdings of U.S. long-term corporate bonds including those issued by Fannie and Freddie by a significant 94 billion U.S. dollars ending June 2010.
Demise of Bin Laden Tumbles U.S. Equity, Bolsters Gold Monday
The news of Bin Laden's death has sent the U.S. equity high at Monday’s opening, but slumped as the fall of crude oil prices lead to an overall decline of energy stocks. The price of gold future hit a record high on the same day.
The Doha Round's Premature Obituary
The Doha Round needs a final political nudge, lest Doha – and hence the WTO – disappear from the world’s radar screen.
Can East Asians Cooperate?
More broadly, only through the establishment of less ambitious, smaller-scale, and functionally oriented institutions can momentum be built for a regional framework for peace.
April HSBC PMI at 51.8, Indicating Moderate Manufacturing Growth
China's manufacturing activities are held steady in April, while factory inflation dropped to an eight-month trough.
China to Launch Variable Annuity Soon: Insurance Regulator
China insurance companies will trial a new product, variable annuity, to enrich the investment-linked product options for policyholders.
China Census Shows Aging Population, Gender Imbalance, Growing City Dwellers
China’s population is rapidly aging with people aged 60 and above making up 13.3 percent of population in the country.
PetroChina Q1 Profit Up 14Pct
Profits in the first quarter for PetroChina Ltd., the public trade unit of China’s biggest oil and gas company, rose 14 percent from a year earlier, as refining losses are offset by gains in crude oil production and sales.
China Vows to Advance Yuan Revaluation, Says U.S. Congressman
U.S. lawmakers were quoted as saying that they had been assured from China to let its currency continue rising against the dollar.
The G-20's Empty Gestures
The same is likely to happen over the next few years as the US reduces its fiscal deficit and thereby shrinks its current-account deficit while China reduces its national saving and thereby shrinks its current-account surplus.
Arrogance and Authority
Around $2 billion was received by the five best-paid individuals, who were also central to creating the highly risky asset structures that brought the financial system to the edge of the abyss.
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