China Lifted Japanese Bond Holdings by 234.5Bln Yen in March
China has become the largest overseas holder of its long-term bonds and notes, after it bought another 234.5 billion yen of long-term bonds in March.
Phoenix New Media Launched an U.S. IPO
Phoenix New Media Limited launched an initial public offering Thursday on New York Stock Exchange, amid recent spate of listings in the United States by Chinese companies
China Vice Premier Li Calls for Global Cooperation in Curbing Inflation
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang Thursday called for a reduction of disorderly global capital flows and defenses against global inflation.
Alibaba Chief Takes Full Control of Alipay From Alibaba
Alibaba Group has transferred ownership of online payments company Alipay to a new company controlled by Jack Ma, chief of Alibaba.
The Blackboard Monopolists
By accepting more competition, progressives could forge a consensus with centrists and help to deliver better results for a core constituency: ordinary workers.
8Pct of Chinese Foreign Trade to be Settled in Yuan, Says Bank Regulator
Eight percent of China’s cross-border transactions with foreign companies will be settled in the Chinese currency, the yuan or renminbi this year.
China Palace Museum Lost 7 Exhibitions, Worth Millions
Seven cultural exhibitions that belong to a Hong Kong museum was stolen Monday when displaying at the Palace Museum.
Chinese Inflation Rose 5.3Pct, New Loans Grew 17.5Pct in April
CPI grew 5.3 percent in April; PPI ups 6.8 percent and new bank lending dropped 20.8 billion yuan from March to 739.6 billion.
China April Real Exports Stronger than Expected: Economists
Exports grew 29.9 percent to 155.69 billion U.S. dollars in April while imports rose 21.8 percent to 144.26 billion, bringing a trade surplus of 11.43 billion.
Food Fears Return
The problem that many people around the world are facing today is one of food security, not a lack of food.
China's Vice Premier Calls for Fair Trade Access into America
Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan on Monday has called for a fair trade access for Chinese companies into the American market, expressing worries that economic ties may be strangled by politics.
Tencent Tops Huayi Brothers' Outstanding Shares via CNY444.8 Mln Deals
Tencent Holdings Ltd has topped Huayi Brothers’ outstanding shares after it acquired a combined 444.8 million yuan of deals together with persons acting in concert.
The Battle of the Temples
Though the Thai-Cambodian border battles have involved tanks and heavy artillery, they are unlikely to degenerate into open, large-scale warfare.
Investment, Trade Issue to dominate China-U.S. Talks May 9-10
Topics on trade and investment will dominate the annual China-U.S. high-level talks to be opened today, analysts say.
China Mulling Stronger Yuan to Curb Inflation, Says U.S. Officials
China is mulling a stronger yuan to curb inflation, echoing the United State’s appeal to let the yuan appreciate faster.
Unilever Fined for Spreading Price Rise News amid China's Tightening Control
China's economic planner said today it has fined the consumer product giant Unilever Plc 2 million yuan (308,000 U.S. dollars) for spreading news of possible price rise in some products.
The Conflicted Bank of England
The dilemma is that any depreciation of sterling increases the level of imported inflation that is not offset by spare capacity in the economy.
China Railway Ministry Reports Q1 Deficit of 3.76Bln Yuan
China’s Ministry of Railways reported a deficit of 3.76 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year on rising material prices.
Shares of Renren Rose 28.64Pct on First Trading Day
Shares of Renren rose 28.64 percent in their U.S. stock market debut Wednesday, closing at 18.01 U.S. dollars from the offering price of 14 U.S. dollars.
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