HK Bourse Warned of Frauds after Mainland Investors Cheated
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. warned investors of a recent spate of fraud cases where individuals posing as HKEx-authorized representatives.
Small Economies, Big Problems, and Global Interdependence
What matters is the interconnections that link a particular country, institution, or group of institutions (for example, Lehman Brothers and AIG) to the wider world economy.
China Ministry of Railways Posted CNY15 Mln of After-Tax Profit in 2010
China’s Ministry of Railways posted an after-tax profit of 15 million yuan in 2010, down 99.45 percent from the previous year’s 2.743 billion yuan
New Price Rises may Worsen Inflation in H2
China’s inflation may become worse in the second half of this year, as new prices hikes are brewing, dampening the country’s efforts to combat inflation.
China to Expand House Purchasing Restrictions to Smaller Cities
China plans to extend its home purchasing restrictions to smaller cities in the country after a recent spur of home price hikes in the so-called second and third-tier cities
Restrictions on 5.1Bln Yuan of AgBank Shares Expire
Restrictions on 5.114 billion yuan worth of holdings by the Agricultural Bank’s A-share strategic investors expire today, amid a sell-off of Chinese bank stocks on bad debt concerns.
China H1 FDI Rose 18.4Pct, at $60.89 Bln
June FDI at 12.863 billion U.S. dollars; Jan.-Jun FDI grew 18.4 percent y-o-y to 60.891 billion.
Gov. Mulls Ecological Damage Claims Against CPC over Escalating Oil Leak
Chiness authority has planned to file a claim over ecological damage in the oil leak off the eastern coast against ConocoPhilips China Inc.
China Toll Roads Downgraded on Short-Term Debt Repayment Pressures
Advanced and excessive investment has already affected the credit for the toll-road industry
North Korea Demands Details on Bohai Oil Leak for Pollution Concern
China’s neighboring South Korea has expressed concerns over a huge spill after a breakdown at a rig off last month off the northeast coast
A Railway Official Investigated: Media
Du Houzhi, general manager of the operator of Harbin-Dalian passenger railway line, was suspected of being involved in wrongdoings during the construction and the bid of the line
Nowhere near a hard landing: HSBC China Report
China’s 2Q GDP and June IPO both came in above market expectations, defying any concerns about a potential hard landing.
Navigating the Road to Riches
Given advanced economies’ poor growth prospects, the world economy’s dynamics nowadays will depend on how successful country-specific steps up the income ladder turn out to be.
Four Mln Affordable Houses must be Completed This Year, Central Gov. Ordered
Beijing has ordered its local governments to complete the construction of at least 4 million affordable housing units by the end of this year
New Oil Leak Reported Off Northern China Coast
An oil slick covering 1 square kilometers off the northern China coast was found early today, after a breakdown in CNOOC’s oil field operational platform triggered leakage
China to Further Implement Prudent Monetary Policy, Says Central Bank Governor
China should further implement its prudent monetary policies over a very long period, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said.
Europe Needs a Plan B
An open society does not treat prevailing arrangements as sacrosanct; it allows for alternatives when those arrangements fail.
China Yuan Loans Rose 16.9Pct in June
China’s yuan-denominated loans in June grew 16.9 percent, or 633.9 billion yuan in June
China to Invest over 1.5 Trl Yuan in Aviation in 5 Years
China will invest more than 1.5 trillion yuan in the aviation industry in the next five years to boost a “big upgrade” of the industry, the official China Securities Journal reported.
China PBOC Advisor Says 7.6Bln Yuan of Monetary Stock Remains Top Priority in Monetary Policy
China’s massive money stock will be the “top task in the coming years for monetary policy and is also crucial to stabilizing inflation.”
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