A Policy Bank in Need to Take on Local Vehicles Loans: Standard Chartered
China could transfer much of its loans to the funding vehicles of local government to a major policy bank to solve the problem loans
China and the Afghan Endgame
The challenge for China is to exert its power and influence in a way that harmonizes with the US, despite widespread displeasure among Chinese at America’s position on a variety of issues
China’s Railway Ministry Reports over 2Tln Yuan of Debt
China's railway ministry is 2.09 trillion yuan in debt ending June, with debt ratio at 58.53 percent.
Famine and Hope in the Horn of Africa
The US and Europe are not only failing to respond to the African drought; they have probably contributed to it through their greenhouse-gas emissions.
China Official PMI Hit a 29-Month Low of 50.7 in July
China's official purchasing managers' index dipped to 50.7 percent in July from June’s 50.9
HSBC China Manufacturing PMI at 49.3: HSBC Report
At 49.3,the reading of manufacturing PMI is consistent with an IP growth rate of around 12-13%, leaving enough room for Beijing to keep tightening measures in place through 3Q to check inflation.
America's Locust Years
It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that the problem is one not only for the US, but for the rest of the world as well.
Alibaba, Yahoo, Software Settle Alipay Dispute
The new owner of Alipay would pay Alibaba Group 37.5 percent of the total equity value of Alipay, or a payment of at least 2 billion dollars and up to 6 billion dollars for any liquidity event.
Big Mac Index Suggests Yuan at Correct Level
The Chinese currency’s value against the dollars is at a reasonable level, at least when measured under the Economist’s Big Mac Index
Interest Rates should Rise Faster, Economist
The interest rate growth, which is lagged behind the inflation, should be strengthened, a renowned Chinese economist suggested.
Hong Kong Yuan Deposits Grew Just CNY4.8bln in June
Yuan-deposit in Hong Kong grew only 4.8 billion yuan in June, compared with the average 46 billion yuan of increase in the previous five months
Chinese Banks Can Sustain a 50Pct Drop in Property Prices: CCTV
The result of stress tests show that Chinese banks can sustain the worst scenario of a 50 percent drop in housing prices
Read China's Lips
China is no longer willing to risk financial and economic stability on the basis of Washington’s hollow promises and tarnished economic stewardship.
Chinese Premier Says Gov.'s Top Priority is to Protect People's Lives
Wen said he knew the public’s concerns and doubts, and he would give the public an explanation.
A Greek Catch-22
Without Ecuador’s gimmicks, buybacks do not seem to be the solution to Greece’s debt overhang.
Deadly Trains Crash due to Signal Error: Xinhua
The signal should have turned red when malfunction occurred after a lightning strike, but it was mistakenly still green
China Industrial Companies' Profits Grew 28.7 Pct in H1
Chinese industrial companies profits grew 28.7 percent from a year earlier in the first six months this year to 2.41 trillion yuan
China Pork Prices Down While Prices of Aquatic Product, Sugar Soar
Pork prices, a major contributor of June’s record 6.4 percent of inflation growth, declined slightly by 0.2 percent last week
Train Crash Victim Families Compensated for CNY500,000 Each
There is also roughly 50,000 yuan in “reward”, for those that accepted the offer to negotiation and signed compensation agreement with a cabinet-backed investigation team in a short time after the accident
4,000 Corrupt Officials Fled China with Over $50 Bln: Official Media
More than 4,000 corrupt officials fled China in the late 30 years, with each stealing, on average, an estimate of 100 million yuan
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