Eurobonds or Bust
Debt mutualization alone will not save the euro, but, without it, the eurozone is unlikely to survive intact.
July CPI Rose 6.5Pct; PPI Soared 56.7Pct
The consumer price index grew 6.5 percent in July year-on-year, driven by a 56.7 percent hike in pork prices; PPI rose 7.5 percent.
US Stock, Oil Nose-Dived with Gold Hitting Another Peak After U.S. Downgrade
U.S. stock market nose-dived on Monday; crude-oil futures plummet to the lowest since November 2010; gold prices scaled another peak
G7 Ministers & Governors Pledge Co-operation in Sustaining Stability, Growth
The finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group Seven pledged to sustain global financial stability amid concerns on U.S. rating downgrade.
The Root of All Sovereign-Debt Crises
Limit banks to lending where evaluation of borrowers’ willingness and ability to repay isn’t a great leap in the dark.
Impact From Reduction in Stock Holdings to Repay Local Debts to be Limited, Says Brokerages
There has been a wide concern that if local governments choose to reduce holdings in equities, the stock market will suffer.
Washington and the Art of the Possible
Even though the US government’s debt limit was raised in the nick of time, the process was – and remains – fraught with risk.
China Foreign Minister Calls for "Responsible" Monetary Policies From U.S.
China Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who is visiting Poland, urged the United States to be responsible in its monetary policies and protect the dollar investment of other nations.
China’s Aircraft Carrier to Start Sea Trials as soon as Aug.6
China’s first aircraft carrier is expected to start trial in its continental sea, mostly likely on August 6
A Bad Deal for America's Future
The agreement has three major flaws. Two of them offset each other, but the third threatens what America needs most in the coming years: economic growth.
China Mulls U.S. Type of Retirement Plan
The bottleneck squeezed china is whether it can follow the example of U.S. tax-delay mechanism, which may require much more support from the financial and tax departments.
The Wobbly West
Indeed, the crisis marks the emerging economies’ overtaking of the major Western countries, with huge consequences for global power, finance, politics, and economics.
China Refutes Japan’s New Defense White Paper, Saying It is Acting Out of Ulterior Motives
“Tokyo is acting out of ulterior motives to deliberately exaggerate the ‘China threat’.”
Tropics of Cancer?
By the end of this decade, about 150 million people worldwide will have cancer, with approximately 60% of them residing in developing countries.
Income Growth in 40Pct of Provinces Lagged Behind GDP Growth in H1: Newspaper
Urban residents in more than 40 percent of Chinese provinces or autonomous regions have seen their income growth lagging behind that of GDP growth in the first half of this year
China to Continue Diversify Forex Investment, Says Governor
China will continue to diversity its foreign exchange reserve investment to reduce negative impacts from fluctuations in global financial market
China Red Cross’ Information Exposure Brings Credibility into Doubts
The One Foundation said that the data presented on the RCSC’s platform is far from reliable
When the Yankees Go Home
Pakistan has turned to China for economic and military help, clearly hoping for a less volatile relationship than the one that it has with America.
Museum Curators Who Smashed Priceless Old Dish Punished
The Song Dynasty ceramic dish was crushed and smashed into six pieces on July 4 when the sample platform of a machine used to examine the dish squeezed too tight due to wrong input data to the computer
Calls to Halt Rare Earth Production Greeted with Little Enthusiasm so far
A call from Minmetals to halt production of rare earth elements yesterday has been greeted with little enthusiasm from rare earth producers and processors in northern China
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