Baidu Apologizes over Unlawful Promotion Activities on its Web
China's largest searching engine apologized for unlawfully promotions for products on its website following a major state television’s assault in a series of reports.
Eurobonds without Fear
The day of the Eurobond may be near. What was once a quack’s idea for resolving Europe’s financial crisis is now the only reliable way to save the euro.
Chinese, U.S. Presidents on Economic Talks with Business Leaders
Business cooperation is among the first topics for discussion during Biden’s six-day visit, which began Wednesday.
Chinese Mainland Strengthening Financial Ties with Hong Kong: Normura Report
"We believe the announced measures should strengthen Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre, while supporting China’s aim to internationalise the RMB."
The Challenging Billions
The world is in the midst of the greatest demographic upheaval in human history.Feeding, clothing, housing, and otherwise providing for this massive net addition to the global population is one of the main challenges
China Central Gov. Offers Strongest-Ever Support to Hong Kong
“The government will vigorously support the development of Hong Kong’s renminbi market, and expand channels of capital circulation between Hong Kong and the mainland"
Europe's Central Bank at Sea
After some considerable volatility, a smaller and more robust currency union will emerge; and, importantly, Europe will avoid the euro’s demise and a total breakdown of the eurozone.
U.S. Debt Issue, Arm Sales to Taiwan to Dominate Biden’s China Tour
The U.S. debt crisis following its first-ever downgrade and the projected arm sales to Taiwan are likely to become two key topics during U.S. Vice President Biden’s first official visit to China from Aug.17-22.
Biden: America is not in Decline
"I welcome this healthy and fair competition because I believe it will spur us both to innovate and we both will benefit from it."
Gov. Departments Disagree Whether China's Oil Dependence Surpasses US
In theory, China’s oil dependency is very likely to surpass that of the United States this year with an annualized 3 percent of increases
Google Buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5Bln
Google announced Monday that it is buying U.S smartphone maker Motorola Mobility for 40 U.S. dollars a share, or $12.5 billion in cash
How to Resolve the Euro Crisis
One thing is certain: these three problem areas – reform and recapitalization of the banking system, a eurobond regime, and an exit mechanism – need to be resolved to make the euro a viable currency.
China Adds 5.7Bln to U.S. Treasury Holdings in June
This is the third consecutive monthly increase by the Second-largest economy despite its long-expressed concerns over the safety of dollar assets.
The Tea Party's Modest Proposal
Today’s atmosphere of fear and aggressive budget tactics are combining to undermine private-sector confidence and spending power.
CNY 4.6Trl Local Gov. Debt Falls Due in 2011, 2012
Some 43 percent of local government debt, or 4.6 trillion yuan, falls due this year and the next, with the maturities of other debts coming huddled at 2016-2018.
EU Mulls Higher Tariffs Against Cheap Chinese Goods
The European Union is considering raising tariffs to fight against cheap Chinese goods, the Commerce Department said in a statement Thursday
China to Slow Construction of Affordable Houses Next Year: Paper
China is likely to slow the construction of the affordable homes in 2012, probably targeting at 8 million units.
Germany Must Defend the Euro
The only way that Europe can escape from this trap is by acting in anticipation of financial markets’ reactions, rather than yielding to their pressure after the fact.
54 Bullet Trains Recalled; Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Services Reduced
China CNR Corp. (601299.SH), a major manufacturer of high-speed trains in China, said Thursday it was recalling 54 CRH 380BL trains used in Beijing-Shanghai High-speed on safety concern.
China Guangfa Bank Suspends Dual-Listing Plan Amid Gloomy Market
China Guangfa Bank said it was waiting for a "good window" to launch its 35 billion yuan dual listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai
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