Train Crash Victim Families Compensated for CNY500,000 Each
There is also roughly 50,000 yuan in “reward”, for those that accepted the offer to negotiation and signed compensation agreement with a cabinet-backed investigation team in a short time after the accident
4,000 Corrupt Officials Fled China with Over $50 Bln: Official Media
More than 4,000 corrupt officials fled China in the late 30 years, with each stealing, on average, an estimate of 100 million yuan
Philippine Says It Would Elevate Territorial Feuds to a UN Tribunal
Aquino III warned that he would take actions to defend the country’s claims over the disputed area, including an upgrade of weapons.
China to Investigate Further on Train Wreckage
China said it would investigate further on the train wrecks in the collision tragedy after moving them into a nearby stop
China Shares Closed Lower After Train Collision
Chinese shares closed lower today, dragged down by the railway infrastructure sector after a train collision in Zhejiang province.
Bank of China May on Basel Important Bank List, Media
Bank of China Ltd., is likely to be on the list of 28 globally systematically important banks marked by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
The Too-Quiet American
It is now apparent that the United States is the main culprit in preventing the ten-year-old multilateral trade negotiations known as the Doha Round from being closed this year.
Three Officials Dismissed After a Bullet Train Collision Killed 35
Three top officials were dismissed after a bullet train collision in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province claimed at least 35 lives and left 211 injured
Turkey on Trial
The hope that Turkey is finally shedding its authoritarian vestiges and becoming a stable democracy will lie in tatters.
Fugitive Lai Changxing to be Deported Back to China
The fugitive Lai Changxing will be deported back to his home country after a Canadian court dismissed his application for an extended stay of deportation in Canada.
Pity the Policymakers
Like an airplane piloted in confusion, the European economy has not behaved according to the instructions.
China Voices Reservations on IMF's Report on Yuan
China has voiced reservations regarding an IMF report saying that the yuan is “substantially” undervalued by 3 to 23 percent, depending on the methodology used.
The Battle of the Bonds
In the long run, however, we will have to answer the broader question that the eurozone’s various debt crises have raised: Is the social value of making finance cheap worth the days of reckoning for stricken debtors?
HSBC Flash China PMI in July Points to Contraction: Report
HSBC's China Flash PMI for July dropped sharply to 48.9 in July, pointing to a monthly contraction in the country’s manufacturing sector for the first time in 12 months.
China Denies Rumors of International Board's Details Release
The international board was indeed approaching nearer and nearer but details of the launch was still unknown
How to End the Greek Tragedy
It would be far preferable to exchange old Greek bonds for Eurobonds, backed by the full faith and credit of all eurozone countries.
China Regulator Asks Banks to "Prudently" Cooperate with Local Gov.
Chinese banking regulator has ordered banks to “prudently” work together with local governments on strategic cooperation, and place further controls over housing credit risks
China to Sign a $4 Bln metro Contract with Iran
Iran will sign a 4 billion U.S. dollars worth of agreement with China to develop the country’s underground traffic system
The Autism Generation
A large study in South Korea recently reported a further jump to 1 in 38 – an astounding 3% of the general population was labeled autistic.
Chinese Market Contributes Nearly 1/3 of Apple Q3 Revenue
Apple has reported soaring revenue and profit for the third quarter this year, of which, nearly one-third coming from sales in the Chinese market
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