Will the Sun Still Rise?
The earthquake and tsunami have confronted Japan with a profound crisis – but also with a rare opportunity to undertake the comprehensive reforms that the country has postponed for far too long.
China "Big Four" Lenders Extend Lowest-Ever Loans in August
News loans extended by the four state-owned banks are estimated at 140 billion yuan, far less than the average increase of 200 billion yuan in the previous two months
President Hu Calls for a Détente on Water Dispute
Chinese President Hu Jintao played down the disputes of the South China Sea between the Philippines Wednesday and highlighted economic cooperation instead Wednesday
EBay Seeks Acquisitions in Japan, China: Media
EBay Inc. (EBAY) is evaluating acquisition targets in China and Japan for possible business expansion in areas such as mobiles, logistics and shipping in the booming Asia
HSBC China Manufacturing Final PMI (Aug) at 49.9: HSBC Report
China's manufacturing growth is slowing at a controlled pace with August HSBC China PMI at 49.9, which is helpful to cool inflation in the coming months.
A Long March with China
China’s rise is a fact; the enduring peacefulness of that rise must be a priority for China, its neighbors, the West, and, most importantly, the US.
Oil Spill Clean-up in Baohai may Miss Aug.31 Deadline
ConocoPhillips may face more severe punishment than expected from the Chinese government if it could not finalise the clean-up efforts before August 31
The Economics of Happiness
To be sure, we should support economic growth and development, but only in a broader context: one that promotes environmental sustainability and the values of compassion and honesty that are required for social trust
New Capital Rules in China's Commercial Banks May be Eased
The new capital management rule of China’s commercial banks is likely to have a "far less" impact on the lenders than expected, after the draft went through a period of soliciting public opinion
Social security cards attached financial function
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the integration of financial functions for China's social security cards at a press conference on Tuesday.
India’s economy grows 7.7%
 Driven by substantial growth in the service sector,the India economy boomed 7.7% since a year earlier
Canteen’s seeing loss as CPI runs
Canteens in universities are experiencing unprecedented loss due to price’s shooting up,the China Youth Daily reported.
Tax or not it’s a question
To tax or not when a partner in a couple adds the other’s name to a property ownership certificate sparked heated debate.
Security levels at airports raised without specific reason
China's civil aviation authority raised security levels at airports in Beijing,Shanghai and many other cities on 28 August,giving no definite reason.
Noda won Japan’s new prime minister
Japanese finance minister Yoshihiko Noda emerged to become the victor in a hard race of becoming the nation’s next prime minister on Monday.
Hurricane Irene may cost United States 10 billion
Predicted by economists, Hurricane Irene might cost as high as 10 billion for United States, which likely to sharpen the pain of economy recession.
Finance Minister: China to Strictly Control over Local Gov. Debt Volume
China will strictly control over local governments’ debt volumes, and properly handle the repayment issue and the follow-up financing of existing projects.
The Trouble with Eurobonds
Eurobonds would numb the distressed countries’ current pain, but, by failing to treat the underlying disease, they – and the eurozone as a whole – would end up far sicker than before.
Shanghai SMEs Mired in Multi-Troubles: Official Report
Credit crunch, higher wages and rising prices of raw materials have taken a toll on the small and medium-sized companies in Shanghai.
Bankers without Borders
Banking will become more like other industries that have benefited themselves and their customers by evolving into truly global networks.
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