China Inflation has Peaked: HSBC Report
"Inflation peaked in July and eased in August. However, its subsequent slowdown is expected to be very gradual. As such, we expect the PBoC to keep the policy rate on hold in the coming months."
Is Inflation the Answer?
As the proposals become more innovative and exotic, we must examine them carefully to ensure that they wouldn’t end up making matters worse.
China August CPI Rose 6.2Pct, PPI 7.3Pct
The consumer price index (CPI) in China grew 6.2 percent in August from a year earlier and the producer product index (PPI) rose 7.3 percent compared with the same period of last year.
Singer Couple's Teenage Son Shocked Public in Beating a Couple
The 15-year-old son of a famous singer couple in China beat a couple without good reason and in an arrogant way in a residential quarter in north Beijing
State Council Demands Oil Spill Probe
ConocoPhillips said it will establish a fund to cover costs resulting from the spills and "benefit the general environment in Bohai Bay"
China Suffered Most Anti-Dumping Probes in 16 Years
China had been hit by the most anti-dumping investigations for 16 consecutive years in the world ending 2010
Wikileaks: King Jong II does not Trust China
In a U.S. diplomatic cable released by the Wikileaks showed that North Korea leader King Jong II had said he "does not trust China" when meeting Hyndai's chairwoman Hyun.
China may Hike Banks' Reserve Ratios as Inflation Expected to be Tamed: JPMorgan
JPMorgan Chase & Co said Monday that inflation in China is expected to start a cooldown, leaving it room to reduce banks’ reserve requirements to support economic behavior
Jailed Whistle-Blower East Star Former CEO Seeking for Medical Parole
Yuan Shanla, a deputy mayor of Wuhan city of Hubei Province was accused of corruption and embezzlement as well as having affairs with a number of women
Chongqing Mulls Expansion of Property Tax Scale
China's city of Chongqing is likely to expand the scale of a luxury-property tax imposed in late January this year
One Number Says It All
With retrenchment and balance-sheet repair only in its early stages, the zombie-like behavior of American consumers should persist.
Divided We Fall
For the first time in 150 years, the West (America and the European Union) was out-manufactured, out-produced, out-exported, out-traded, and out-invested by the rest of the world.
Einstein the Realist
While most accounts say that Bohr won the debate, my view is that Einstein, as usual, was seeking an explanation of reality, while his rivals were advocating nonsense.
China Denies Arm Sales to Gaddafi Regime
China's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Monday at a regular press release that China has never directly or indirectly sold arms to Gaddafi's regime.
Fighting Inflation Remains China's Top Priority: WB Zoellick
China could avoid the so-called "Middle Income Trap" by changing its export- and investment-led growth model that has served China in the past 30 years
14 Listed Banks to Set Aside About CNY700Bln in Next Six Months
New reserve requirements in China’s 14 listed banks may increase by nearly 700 billion yuan over the next six months
The Great Bank Robbery
Investment managers have a moral and professional responsibility to play their role in bringing some discipline into the banking system.
August HSBC China Services PMI Records the Lowest Since 2005: HSBC Report
The headline HSBC China Services PMI eased to 50.6 in August or 2.9 points lower than the previous reading.
ConocoPhillips Stops Production in Penglai Oil Field
ConocoPhillips’s China unit will stop production in Penglai 19-3 oilfield from Monday, following accusations from Chinese authorities that it has not ended oil spills which began in early in July.
No Agreement Reached on South China Sea Dispute: Aquino
Wen noted during his meeting Aquino the Philippine government should give a high priority of demands from Hong Kong authority and its people to well handle the hangover of the bus hijacking in the Philippine last Aug
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