Countering the Contagious West
Despite their strong fundamentals, emerging countries still feel vulnerable in the face of the West’s economic weakness, policy shortfalls, and political paralysis.
The ECB's Moment of Decision
Nonetheless, with the crisis now becoming systemic, the ECB must take up the fiscal-transfer baton that eurozone leaders have so unceremoniously fumbled.
Many Fields in China Closed to Foreigners, Says Gary Locke
Gary Locke, the new U.S. ambassador to China, complained recently that foreign countries are not allowed to invest in many field in China
BYD Plummets with Mounting Troubles
Shares of the Warren Buffett-backed BYD Co. have plummeted since last week amid mounting troubles like gloomy earning forecast, safety problem of vehicles and a large scale of lay-offs
China Non-Performing Loans to Grow Substantially After 2012: Report
A burst of non-performing loans in the coming two to three years will lead to a serious erosion of commercial banks’ revenue
The Fear Factor
We need not tolerate 9% unemployment as the new normal. Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we can, and should, manage it by direct intervention in asset markets.
Method to Identify "Gutter Oil" Under Research: Ministry
The MOH, the State Food and Drug Administration and other related authorizes have jointly made a plan for the research to identify such oils, which have reportedly flown to the household’s dining tables.
India in South China Sea for Oil Drilling, Rebuffing China's Protest
India’s state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is ready to enter into the disputed water in South China Sea for oil drilling, while claiming that the plan has been granted approval from Vietnam
Thinking the Unthinkable in Europe
To resolve Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis, it is now imperative to prepare for the possibility of default and defection from the eurozone by Greece, Portugal, and perhaps Ireland.
EU Says No Pledges to Lift China's Trade Status in Exchange for Aiding
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has not made any promises to grant China improved trading status in return for China’s aiding to the debt-ridden European countries, Reuters reported
PetroChina Wins First Oil Field Contract in Post-War Afghan: Media
China National Petroleum Corporation, known as PetroChina, has won the first oil field project in post-Taliban Afghan
Global Double-Dip Unlikely but Chances of Recession Exist: Zhu Min
The world is unlikely to suffer a double-dip recession, but there are indeed chances to slip into recession, if no decisive and effective measures are taken to guard against risks,said Zhu Min
Full text of speech by Premier Wen Jiabao at Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011
Here, I wish to reiterate that China's opening up to the outside world is a long-term commitment which covers all fields and is mutually beneficial.
World does not Need a "Bleeding Heart": China Central Bank Advisor
Li Daokui, an academic advisor to the central bank, said Wednesday that the world does not need a “bleeding heart,” referring to China’s willingness to purchase euro bonds.
The Economics of Peace in Afghanistan
One main objective should be to transform Afghanistan’s vast underground economy, which has thrived, by creating profitable opportunities for Taliban and other groups involved in the fighting.
China Aims to Increase Domestic Expansion, Promote Low-Carbon Development
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Wednesday that China would continue to increase domestic consumption, and sustain a sound economy by promoting low-carbon development and innovation.
Boat Sinking Killed 12 in South China
The death toll from a ferry that capsized in Shaoyang, a county in South China's Hunan Province, has risen to 12 with 9 of them teenage students.
CNOOC Agrees a Plan with ConocoPhillips to Stop Further Oil Leaks in Bohai Bay
According to the plan, ConocoPhillips will reduce pressure at the site by pumping out fluids used in the oil-production process.
The Banking Conundrum
An active competition policy will be needed. But the degree to which the authorities will be able to push for more competition in banking will depend crucially on the regulatory framework.
Chinese Regulator Warns of Real Estate Risks
Banks are required to be watchful over risks in commercial real estate as speculation has ramped up recently
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