The Great Debt Scare
Loss of confidence, by discouraging consumption and investment, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing the economic weakness that is feared.
Taxi Drivers Strikes Increase in China
More than 100 taxi strikes have hit Chinese cities like Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Chongqing since 2004, according to data from the Minsitry of Transport.
Argentina's Bumpy Ride
With imports still growing strongly and commodity prices beginning to fall as a result of the world slowdown, Argentina’s large trade surplus is disappearing quickly.
Relative Officials Suspended over Sex Slave Case
The six girls, aged 16-24, were kidnapped by Li Hao at different times and were forces to perform erotic shows on the Internet; two were killed
Europe's Triple Threat
There are three basic approaches to resolving the banking crisis (which means resolving the fiscal adjustment, sovereign debt, and euro issues simultaneously).
China Faces Pressures of Price Rise, Capital Inflows in Short Term: Central Bank Governor
China faces the pressure of price rise and capital inflows in the short term, while growth impetus remains strong now and in the near future
The Consequences of Angela Merkel
Germany’s opposition to debt forgiveness is thus bad economics, bad politics (except at home), and bad history. The Germans should remember the reparations fiasco of the 1920’s.
The Diabetes Watch
These health effects are serious. Despite this, surveillance of diabetes remains relatively undeveloped throughout the world, even in high-income countries.
Why China's Bright Young Start-ups Should Choose Britain
Research by the Economist shows that the number of registered private businesses in China grew by over 30 per cent a year between 2000 and 2009. Significantly, nearly 80 per cent of young, successful business people
Half of Developers' New Debts are Trust Loans: Credit Suisse Report
About half of the new debts accumulated in the past year by Chinese developers are trust loans, a Credit Suisse report said Friday
China Domestic Loans Equal 173Pct of GDP: IMF Report
China's domestic loans equaled 173 percent of GDP at the end of June 2011, the IMF said, calling it "well above the levels of credit" for developing co
Boeing Signs a Horizontal Stabliser Deal with SAMC, AVIC
Boeing Co. has signed a 10-year contract with two Chinese companies to produce horizontal stabilizers for Boeing's 737 jet
Decision Time for the Eurozone
Viewed from a wider perspective, economic and social turbulence on Europe's southern periphery will constitute a geopolitical risk.
HSBC China Flash Manufacturing PMI (Sept):Report
Growth continues to moderate but the economy is still cooling at a controlled pace. China's resilient domestic demand should support around 8.5-9% growth in coming quarters.
US Fed Extends Maturity of $400Bln Gov.Holdings
"To support a stronger economic recovery …The Committee intends to purchase, by the end of June 2012, $400 billion of Treasury securities with remaining maturities of 3 years or less"
Sina Refutes Licensing Rumors, Bracing for Gov. Regulation
Rumors spread through the services created "huge damage" to individuals and to the government, which has posed a "serious challenge" for the government’s effort to filter information and control society
Who Will Eclipse America?
Fixed investment in China is close to 50% of GDP – which must be a world record. Credit to state firms and to households continues to grow rapidly. Isn’t this a version of exactly what derailed Japanese growth?
China "Disappointed" in EU for Not Recognizing Its Market Status: Ministry
China is extremely "disappointed" that the European Union has not until now recognized China's full market economy status
Getting to Yes (Again) with Germany
The guarantees will probably have to be institutional, constitutional, and political – probably formal control over European fiscal policy by a body at least as credible as the ECB
ConocoPhillips to Establish Second Bohai Bay Fund
The U.S-based ConocoPhillips said Sunday that it would establish a second fund to address environmental issues in Bohai Bay
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