Mubarak's Odious Debts
The days of borrowing to build a large state security apparatus would be gone for good – worldwide. For the sake of Egyptians and people living under tyranny everywhere, Egypt's government must take a brave stand.
Chinese City Wants CNY60 Bln Further Financial Stability Loans: Media
Local government in Wenzhou, an entrepreneurial city in the eastern province of Zhejiang that is grappling with a credit crunch, has filed an application for 60 billion yuan worth of one-year loans
Alibaba's Jack Ma Expressed Interest in Buying Yahoo
Jack Ma said he was "very,very interested" in buying Yahoo, which owns a 39 percent of stake in Alibaba
Globalization's Government
We need more government nowadays, not less. Yet the role of government also needs to be modernized, in line with the specific challenges posed by an interconnected world economy.
Myanmar's Vice-President to Visit China on Dam Row
Myanmar is sending its vice-president Tin Aung Myint Oo to China in an effort to repair ties with the country amid tensions after the suspension of a $3.6 billion dam project in the country
U.S. Senate Postpones Yuan Bill Vote
The U.S. Senate has postponed its vote on the much-debated currency bill until next week, due to disagreements in some changes of the bill between the Republicans and Democrats.
Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies at 56
Steve Jobs, who built the world’s most valuable technology company, died at 56.
Property Tax to be Extended Nationwide: Chongqing Mayor
The property tax, which has been embraced only by two Chinese cities currently, is likely to be expanded nationwide in the coming two years
Can China Rescue Europe?
Indeed, to do so would be in China’s own interest as a key stake-holder in Europe’s economic stability. The EU is China’s largest trading partner, accounting for $383 billion in merchandise exports in 2010.
HSBC China Manufacturing PMI final (Sept):HSBC Report
PMI at 49.95. Although the lagged effects of credit tightening will continue to cool industrial activity in the months ahead, there remains little need to worry about a growth meltdown.
Growth in China may Drop to 5Pct in Five Years: Bloomberg Survey
China’s economy may grow much slower in the coming five years, with 59 percent of respondents predicting growth below 5 percent by 2016
US Threatens to Sanction Chinese Banks on Ties with Iran
A top U.S. official warned Wednesday that Washington would cut its financial ties with China’s biggest four banks if any of them accepted payment from an Iran insurance company.
Subprime Crisis Sweep Wenzhou as Bankrupt Bosses Flee
Up to 29 bankrupt bosses in Wenzhou have fled since April this year and another one committed suicide, reflecting rising money tensions in small Chinese companies.
China May Hike NPL Ratio for Small Companies to 5Pct
China may hike the non-performance ratio in small companies to 5 percent amid the country's widespread credit crunch.
Real Wages on Decline in China
Real wages in China has been on the decline amid rising inflation, despite higher threshold of individual income tax from September
Global Action for Global Recovery
With lower spending and higher savings in the advanced economies, key emerging markets must take up the slack and start providing the demand needed to power the global recovery.
Signal Maker CASCO of Shanghai Train once "Interviewed" by Local Officials on Earlier Failure
The signal maker of Shanghai’s metro trains, which collided Tuesday and injured hundreds, had once been “interviewed” by local officials for failure that led the train to run in a wrong direction in late July
The Same Supplier, the Similar Tragedy
The contractor of the signal systems of Shanghai’s metro lines, the culprit of the metro trains collision today, is found to be the supplier of the similar equipments of the bullet trains that collided in July
Update:Equipment Failures Trigger Metro Train Collision in Shanghai, 260 Injured
Equipment Failures have triggered a collision between two Metro trains in Shanghai, the number of casualties remains unknown.
Authorities Dismiss News of Banning VIE: Paper
An unnamed authority source dismissed reports that China may consider banning a popular corporate structure, known as VIE.
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