Experts Discuss "Social Management Innovation" with Chinese Characteristics
Since the beginning of 2011, "social management innovation" or "innovative social management" has become a hot topic for reform in China's political circle.
China's Current Economic System is Transitional
Recent economic and social developments in China fully demonstrate that growth achieved through strengthened administrative control and pouring resources into the economy is unsustainable.
Libya's Shadow on Sovereign Wealth Funds
Both governments and corporations should internalize the message and learn from the Libyan example. The alternative may be too expensive for shareholders and citizens alike.
The Bogey of Fiscal Stimulus
Indeed, the menace that now confronts us is not public debt or inflation, but a downward economic spiral that will be increasingly difficult to reverse.
Occupy the Mortgage Lenders
If the Occupy Wall Street movement tells us anything, it is that the last thing the US economy needs is more households overwhelmed by debt.
Recovery before Reform
The challenge is to revive lending growth in full awareness that we must begin devising ways to rein in the credit.
China, Still Far From Modern Market Economy: Fan Gang
China still has much to work towards a modern market economy and that will take a long time, FAN Gang said.
Alibaba to Start Talks with PEs for Yahoo Purchase
Alibaba Chief Executive Jack Ma said Thursday the e-commerce group would start talks with private equity firms about possibly buying Yahoo in the coming weeks
Average Wealth in China at $21,000: Credit Suisse
The average wealth for each Chinese adult is 21,000 U.S. dollars in 2011,Credit Suisse Research Institute said in a report.
The Bankers’ Capital War
There is no one who can offer a timely and, above all, authoritative view on which forecast is the more compelling scenario. The stakes of not knowing are very high.
Local Gov. Debts, Property Loans, Shadow Banking "Controllable": Banking Regulator
Risks in China’s local financing vehicles, property and the so-called “shadow banking” are controllable, said Liu Mingkang.
Trade Imbalances Should be Revalued Using New Statistical Methods
China supports the initiative of “Made in the World,” which has been launched by the WTO to support the exchange of projects, experiences and practical approaches in measuring and analyzing trade in valued added.
Myanma Warns "Nobody Could Damage Myanma-Sino Relations": Paper
An official newspaper in Myanma has warned that "nobody could damage the Myanma-Sino relations", the official China newspaper Guangming Daily reported.
Barrels, Bushels, and Bonds
If the international financial wizards can get together and act on this idea now, commodity exporters might be able to avoid calamity the next time the world price of their product takes a plunge.
China Yuan REER Soars 3.77Pct in Sept.
The index of real effect exchange rate of China’s currency jumped 3.77 percent in September to 125.01 from August’s 120.47, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) said Tuesday.
China 3Q GDP Slows but Sep. Data Strong: HSBC Report
Growth is slowing amidst policy tightening but the underlying strength of domestic demand should ensure a soft-landing.
China Eastern Scraps 24 Orders of Boeing 737
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited has announced Tuesday that it will cancel 24 orders of 787 aircrafts but buy 45 737NG aircrafts instead after Boeing delayed delivery of 787 aircrafts.
Private Lending Crisis Spreading to Ordos, Inner Mongolia
A conservative estimate, based on an official survey, put the amount of private lending in Ordos at above 200 billion yuan.
Nearly 20Pct of Local Governments Have a Debt Ratio of over 100Pct: Jia Kang
Nearly 20 percent of city-level local governments have a debt ratio of over 100 percent, which, however, would not necessarily cause a proble, said Jia Kang.
China Credit Growth Normalizing: HSBC Report
Barring selective easing for small companies, the PBoC will likely hold monetary policy stable, as inflation is expected to ease only gradually in the coming months.
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