Strengthening the Stabilizers
The G-20 should provide the FSB with adequate institutional capacity to address its tasks, but without creating a bureaucracy.
China Oversea IPO Stalled out Amid U.S., Europe Woes: ChinaVenture
Performance of Chinese companies as a whole in overseas capital market has been disappointing so far this year.
China State Council Kicks off VAT Reform
With this official start to a policy of selective easing, Beijing should and can utilize its strong fiscal position to strike a better balance between growth and inflationary concerns.
Europe Turns to China for Aid in Debt Crisis: Media
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he plans to Call Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao today to discuss China joining Europe's efforts to resolve the region's debt crisis
HSBC China Flash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)
Hard-landing fears remain unwarranted. We expect IP growth to hover at around 13% and for monetary policy to be kept stable in the coming months.
Banking Industry Survey Shows Property Prices will Decline
More than half of Chinese bankers believe housing prices will decline along with property sales, a report published by China Banking Association Wednesday.
U.S. President Obama to Press China on Its Currency
U.S. president Obama is to press his counterpart to let the yuan strengthen in a series of global summits to be held in November, Reuters said quoting a senior Treasury official.
Britain's Path of Denial
There is no sign of a crisis narrowly averted. Ten-year yields on British government bonds were at historic lows long before Cameron took office.
Italy's Capital Flight
The Eurozone has entered dangerous territory. Deposit facilities count as central bank money and have inflationary potential, given that the German banks could withdraw those funds at any time.
Diesel Shortage Hit Nearly 20,000 Private Gas Stations in China: Media
Nearly 20,000 privately-run gas stations are experiencing severe diesel shortage with alledged disrupted supplies from the country's two largest oil companies。
PetroChina Taps South America's Oil Equipment Market
PetroChina announced Monday the formal establishment of a joint venture between its subsidiary Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co or BOMCO and two Brazilian companies.
Euro Crisis Could Hardly Hit China's Financial Industry: ICBC Vice Governor
The European debt crisis could hardly hit China’s financial industry, said vice governor of ICBC.
The Global Jobs Challenge
In short, economies and policies adjusted in an unsustainable fashion, to some extent obscuring the need for a more sustainable pattern of adaptation.
China Steps Down Efforts to Crack Down Economic Data Leaking
China jailed two officials for leaking economic data, the latest in recent stepped-up efforts to crack down disclosure in linked to insider trading in the world’s third-largest equity market.
Private Lending Frenzy Spreads to Central China's Henan
China's central province of Henan was the third to be struck by a private lending frenzy following Wenzhou and northern city of Ordos
America at Stall Speed?
In the process, the risk of recession remains uncomfortably high, the unemployment crisis deepens, and inequities rise as already-stretched social safety nets prove even more porous.
China's Maritime Strategy Being Tested Amid South China Sea Disputes
The current situation has reflected a lack of ocean strategy, under which, China has been under a passive state when confronting with surrounding countries in disputed waters
Yemen's Winter of Discontent
For the people of Yemen, the Arab Spring has already turned into a winter of discontent. And as the country slides towards anarchy, it may prove to be a very long, hard winter ahead.
China is Undergoing Transformation
Different views on the 1911 Revolution represent different interpretations of modern Chinese history. Caijing invited several domestic and foreign scholars to share their views a century after the Revolution.
Global Governance Presents Challenges for China and the World
The answers to the questions surrounding global governance will determine whether China can make the right strategic choices in the next decade.
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