Legend Holdings Plans to List in Hong Kong in Five Years
Legend Holdings, parent company of China’s leading PC maker Lenovo, is set to list in Hong Kong in five years.
Too Soon to Talk about China Investing EFSF: Vice Finance Minister
It was “too soon” for China to discuss more bond purchases from Europe’s bailout fund, said Vince Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao
Mengele in America
A report in 2010 revealed that foreign citizens made up more than three-quarters of all the subjects in clinical trials conducted by US firms and researchers.
China with More Cards to Play Ahead of G20 Summit
European countries have placed hopes on China –who is sitting on 3.2 trillion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange reserves –for EU rescue.
China Hopes Euro Zone to Stay Stable, Says Hu
China sincerely hopes that the currency and economy in the euro zone will remain stable, Chinese president Hu Jintao told the French newspaper Le Figaro in an interview.
Greentown Dismisses Bankruptcy Rumors
Chinese developer Greentown's chairman Song Weiping dismissed a rumor of bankruptcy on Wednesday, calling it a "dry humor."
The G-20’s Helpful Silence on Capital Controls
The IMF, the G-20, the Financial Stability Board, and other bodies should try to reduce the stigma attached to capital-account regulations and protect countries’ ability to deploy them.
The Coming Global Credit Glut
We hope that the G-20 leaders will think systemically at Cannes, and act nationally and cooperatively to defuse the global credit glut minefield.
China Big Banks Eased Credit in October
Signs of credit loosening have shown in October, as the biggest four Chinese banks extended more than 60 billion yuan in only five workdays in the end of the month
China Regulators Review Taobao for Monopoly
Chinese industry regulators are studying whether Taobao Mall, the country’s largest e-commerce platform, engaged in a monopoly
Do not Follow Air Quality Data from U.S. Embassy: Official
A Beijing official said China’s air quality could not be judged from data released from U.S. embassy, in a move to assure its citizens as thick smog blanketed the city for several days running.
China's Trouble with the Neighbors
China’s neighbors will not be reliably good to Chinese interests unless and until China begins to provide essential public goods – not just commerce, but also full-fledged regional governance based on the rule of l
China Oct. PMI at 50.4 in a Surprise Fall
China PMI came in a lower than expected, hitting to the lowest level since February 2009 and signaling risks in the world’s second-largest economy amid global savage turn-down.
One Third of Chinese HNWIs Have Assets Overseas: Report
As much as one third of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in China have assets overseas, with a value of about 19 percent of total
China Replaces Financial Regulators
Shang Fulin replaces Liu Mingkang as the new banking regulator; Guo Shuqing and Xiang Junbo were named as the securites regulator and the insurance regulator respectively.
A Nation of Vidiots
The best evidence suggests that Americans watch more than five hours per day of television on average – a staggering amount, given that several hours more are spent in front of other video-streaming devices.
Inflation may Drop to 2.8Pct,Property Control to Sustain in 2011: Li Daokui
China’s consumer price index, the measure of inflation, is likely to fall to 2.8 percent from the anticipated annual growth of 5.5 percent this year, said Li Daokui.
Police Detain Five in a Tax-Triggered Mass Protest
Up to one thousand local residents flooded the streets later that day, with nine of them injured in a run-down after a panic Audi car owner, who was afraid of being attacked, pulled off
China Mulling a Regional Bank to Fund SMEs
China is considering a proposal to create a regional bank in Southeast Asia to help the struggled small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fund infrastructure projects, Reuters said
Dying to Grow?
Studies that show an association between a factor and a health effect should be regarded as no more than a preliminary result that points researchers toward further research and analysis.
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