China Launches a Campaign to Check School Bus Safety After Fatal Crash
The minibus was “massively overloaded”—the nine-seater vehicle was stuffed with 18 kindergarten students, a teacher and the driver— and “speeding” when the accident happened
Huawei Eyes More Profit, Plans IPO
Huawei,the world's No.2 telcome equipment manufacturer is focusing on increasing profits and aims more in enterpreneur business and cosumer electronics business.
South Asia's Whispering Enemies
Enduring hostility between India and Pakistan, the region’s largest economies, remains the key barrier to such a breakthrough.
China Central Bank: "Fine Tune" Monetary Policies
China’s central bank has signaled that the bank will “fine tune” its monetary policies “timely and appropriately”, setting tone for a possible easing.
School Bus Accident Kills 19 in NW China
Nineteen people, including 17 preschoolers, died in a school bus accident Wednesday morning in northwest China’s Gansu Province
China Foreign Trade Surplus will Continue to Narrow: MoF
Trade surplus this year is likely to narrow to around 150 billion U.S. dollars, down about 18 percent from a 183.1 billion U.S. dollars surplus last year
The Economics of Strategic Containment
In short, the US has moved to bring together all of the economies in the region that are worried about China’s beggar-thy-neighbor trade and exchange-rate policies.
China Central Bank Says IMF Report not "Objective Enough"
“China confronts a steady buildup of financial sector vulnerabilities,” the IMF said in the report based on stress tests of China’s 17 biggest state-owned lenders
Cross-Border Banking in the Balance
Any sustainable solution to the crisis must ensure the integrity of the bank groups and respect the interests of these banks’ home and host countries. Ultimately, it is cross-border banking that is in the balance.
President Hu Calls for a Shift in Growth Model
Chinese President Hu Jintao, in a speech delivered to the 19th APEC leaders’ meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, urged countries to forge ahead with a shift in growth model in the Asian Pacific region.
Planned Reshuffle of Leadership may Bring with Positive Effects on Economy:Economist
The planned reshuffle of leadership next year will have a positive effect on the world’s second-largest economy, said Wu Jinglian.
Yuan Appreciation Could not Solve U.S. Problems: President
Chinese President Hu Jintao told his U.S. counterpart that the yuan's appreciation could not help solve U.S. problems last Saturday.
The Philippines Joins the Asian Race
The Philippines reopened for business under new management only a little more than a year ago. It is faring very well – and is set to become increasingly profitable.
Who Needs a Flat Tax?
The United States, like other developed countries, does not suffer from any of these conditions (yet), so it is not clear why it needs a flat tax.
Hidden Property Loans may Reach CNY10 Tril, Imperiling Banks
China’s property sector may have seen a total loan of 20 trillion yuan, when factoring in those funneled through illegal or "underground" channels, according to a conservative estimate.
China October New Lending Rebounds Meaningfully: HSBC Report
Selective easing started to take effect and will continue to filter-through to support small companies and ongoing projects. China’s still on track for a soft-landing.
China Growth may Slightly Beat 9pct in 2011: Liu Mingkang
Former banking regulator Liu Mingkang expects China's economy to grow slightly more than 9 percent in 2011 and 8 percent in 2012.
CSRC Mulling VIE Regulation
The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is mulling regulations over the Variable Interest Entities (VIE), a workaround structure widely used by Chinese dotcom companies led by Sina
The Undeserving One Percent?
Academic studies suggest that the top tenth percentile of income distribution in the US, and elsewhere, is also moving farther away from the median earner.
U.S. Obama to Step Up Pressure on Yuan
U.S. President Barack Obama will urge his Chinese counterpart to let the yuan rise faster on the upcoming meeting in Hawaii this Saturday
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