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A key question is whether incoming Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and his new Italian counterpart, Mario Monti, have the leadership skills to navigate these treacherous waters.

Greece and Italy have both chosen technocratic economists – Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti. It is not a lack of political ability which will stymie them, but rather a lack of political power.

Jobs for Justice


Inequality almost everywhere, including China, has become so extreme that it must be reduced. Protesters, experts, and center-left politicians agree on this – and on little else.

The new delisting rules on Shenzehn’s ChiNext board could hardly work as few firms fulfill the new criteria, said Wu Xiaoling.

European and the U.S. markets posted gains on Nov 28th, in line with leaders' new resolution on the euro zone debt woes, as well as good U.S. retail numbers during the holiday season.

The low yields have reflected strong demands from markets over local bonds, and that would encourage more local governments to issue bonds in the future.

Premier Wen Jiabao promises moves to tackle the country's school bus woes two days after Chinese government provided school bus aid to Macedonia.

The eurozone could learn from the experience of South Korea, which came through its crisis more quickly than anyone expected, combining sensible reforms with a rapid recovery.

The integration of developing countries into the world economy has become a threat as developing countries are hit by the knock-on effects of the rich world's troubles.

China Investment Corporation plans to invest in infrastructure of developed countries, starting with the UK.

The real reason behind the antitrust case is a fight for interest amid government’s efforts to push ahead with the so-called “triple-play”—a push for convergence between telecoms, broadcasting and the internet.

A consortium led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. (KKR) has agreed to acquire the U.S. based Samson Investment Co. for 7.2 billion.

The lending capacity of commercial banks could hardly see a sharp increase in the short run; however, banks may diversify their credit lines to small businesses.

The world’s economies, rich and poor alike, have much to gain from accelerated innovation in the information age.

While this high-tech approach - a more personalized strategy - could be a boon to patients, it could prove detrimental to drug companies' bottom lines.

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