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Peaceful resolution of these conflicts requires giving China a role in the decision-making process, which implies that the US and China alike relinquish any desire for regional primacy.

This has been the first heavy blow ever delivered to a member of the merger review board of the CSRC since its establishment

China’s labor-intensive production will increasingly move to countries with lower labor costs – including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and neighboring Vietnam, as well as various African countries.

The latest move by Chinese central bank to “fine tune” its monetary policies does not mean that the government starts loosening control over the real estate sector,a state paper said.

China's vice finance minister said promoting economic growth is a top priority for the country as China's economy growth is slowing down.

Coco Cola denies reports that safety problems of one of its drinks were causes leading to death of a 10-year-old boy in eastern China Monday.

Deadlock in Durban


The sheer weight of the US in international affairs has nonetheless led to a corruption of the principles that should underpin a new climate-change treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.

The long history of global anchor currencies suggests that the dollar’s days on top may be far from over.

The purchasing mangers’ index, released by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing today, was 49.0 percent, the first time blow the benchmark 50.0 reading since March in 2009.

World's market surged as central banks moved to increase liquidity to ensure stablity of the global economy amid the euro zone debt crisis.

China's central bank will cut the reserve requirement ratios for Chinese banks by 50 basis points from December 5.

Half of the local governments have elected new party chiefs and leading group in China, a country that is undergoing a leadership transition in 2012.

Asia’s emerging economies can no longer afford to count on solid growth in external demand from the advanced countries to sustain economic development.

The Italian Exodus


Italy’s number-one problem is not, and never was, Berlusconi; it is the country’s entrenched gerontocracy, nepotism, and anti-meritocratic behavior.

Bank of China Ltd. and China Construction Bank Corp. (939) were upgraded by Standard & Poor’s after the rating firm revised its criteria.

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