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“It is an unfortunate incident,” ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a daily news conference, adding that China is “regret the loss of life.”

An immediate breakup of the eurozone would be a catastrophe, which is why the European Council agreed to a “fiscal stability union” in exchange for some movement by the ECB.

The recent losing streak of the Chinese currency is likely to end, with slim chances of a sharp depression of the yuan, analysts say.

Oil exporters need not be prisoners of a curse that has befallen others. Countries can choose to use their resource bonanzas for the long-term economic advancement of their people, not just that of their leaders.

Growth is slowing in major economies around the world, with activities slacking to the weakest point in two years.

It is important that these plans be seen as domestically devised (though voters will have no illusions about the external and market pressures that have forced their governments to act).

15 students were killed in a school bus overturn in East China’s Jiangsu Province Monday in a string of the latest deadly school bus accident in China.

The proposal to use the IMF as a conduit for ECB resources while providing the ECB with preferred-creditor status, would exacerbate the Fund’s exposure to risky borrowers.

A South Korean coastguard was stabbed to death by a Chinese fisherman Monday while detaining a vessel operating “illegally” near South Korean waters,Yonhap said.

Exports growth is likely to slow to a single-digit pace in the coming year, adding more headwinds to China’s growth.

Although expenditures have increased, the number of new medicines resulting from human-genome sequencing has not. This means that a broad variety of diseases are not being treated effectively

The fabric of democracy is being torn apart by a staggering rise in economic inequality.

China marks decade in WTO; its entry has benefited both the Chinese people and people all around the world, said Chinese President Hu Jintao

Cao said continuous fall of RMB against the U.S. dollar is not necessarily bad for the Chinese economy.

Annual survey by Japan's Cabinet Office shows 71.4% Japanese do not feel close to China in 2011, 6.4% lower than last year.

Bank reports estimated China's CPI gorwth is likely to fall below 5% year-on-year,and China may reduce the reserve requirement ratio in December.

China's new loans in November is likely to be around 500bn yuan, much lower than the expected 600bn yuan.

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