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Yet a closer look shows that €6.7 billion of the €16 billion that the EIB loaned for fossil fuels went to coal, gas, and oil-fired plants, both inside and outside the EU – not to EU energy-security projects.

China may further reduce reserve requirement for banks next year to release more liquidity into the system, said formal deputy central bank governor Wu Xiaoling.

Tariff rates for some imported goods will be decreased and imports of energy and resource-related products, advanced equipments and key parts and components will be boosted, Xie told a financial meeting.

If things do worsen even more, the world, like it or not, must be prepared to manage – and even confront – a scenario in which the Kim dynasty, and with it the North Korean state, collapses.

Kim Jong-il’s demise reminds us that all people are equal before death. Havel’s passing reminds us that the value of life will eventually gain respect.

China Mengniu Diary Co., Ltd apologized on the weekend after a batch of its pure milk products were detected to be contaminated by cancer-causing Aflatoxin M1

I am confident that, notwithstanding the headwinds blowing from the eurozone crisis and the slump in demand worldwide, China can continue its dynamic growth.

China is planning to invest some 500 billion yuan in rail sector fixed assets in 2012, shrinking from its ambitious goal of 800 billion yuan

Rising outflows combined with a significant shrinking of the current account surplus should reduce pressure on renminbi appreciation.

With a commitment to truth – scientific, ethical, and personal – a society can overcome the many crises of poverty, disease, hunger, and instability that confront us.

A new economic order is taking shape before our eyes, and it is one that includes accelerated convergence between the old Western powers and the emerging world’s major new players.

By January 1, 2016, all cities and towns across the country will embrace a new environmental air quality test standard, and the emissions data will be available to the public

A top Chinese official media praised a local government team for "heeding the economic demand of villagers" after a month-long demonstration halted.

The requests from villagers in Wukan are mostly “reasonable”, and should be well responded by rooting out corruption, a local official said.

We should learn from both the WaMu and the Occupy movement. In both cases, the lesson is the same: concentrated financial power is a gift that keeps on giving – but not to you.

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