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America’s design for Asian trade is inspired by the goal of containing China, and the TPP template effectively excludes it, owing to the non-trade-related conditions imposed by US lobbies.

ConocoPhillips is facing two lawsuits in China that claim leaks from offshore oil production facilities operated by the U.S. firm’s local unit caused damages to local fishermen.

If the eurozone does not want to embrace capital controls, it has only two alternatives: make the local printing of money more difficult, or offer investment guarantees in countries that markets view as insecure.

For the troubled economies to revive, the recent agreements on austerity must be supplemented by significant debt haircuts.

Chinese manufactures are still struggling as both domestic and external demands continue to cool.

Companies raised 73 billion U.S. dollars from IPOs in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong this year, almost double the amount of money raised on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq combined, according to Dealogic.

China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s largest oil company, has entered a deal with Afghanistan’s government to exploit the country’s oil and natural gas reserves

Chinese financial institutions are expected to extend 8 trillion yuan of new loans in 2012, Bank of China predicted.

Economic ties that lack the underpinning of strategic partnerships tend to be less stable and even volatile, as is apparent from the economic relationships that India and Japan have with China.

The deadly train crash in east China’s Wenzhou on July 23 was majorly caused by “serious design flaws” among what it said a string of errors in equipment procurement and management, said report

The system will give the Chinese military an alternative to GPS, which was developed by the Pentagon and is still controlled by the U.S. government

The real problem is that, in contrast to China, Indian authorities have far less policy leeway. For starters, the rupee is in near free-fall.

The U.S. Treasury Department did not label China as a currency manipulator,” based on the ongoing appreciation of the RMB against the dollar since June 2010"

China’s foreign debts rose to 697.2 billion U.S. dollars at the end of September from the 642.5 billion three months earlier

developing counties should make preparation for the worst economic situation in 2012 amid rising global uncertainties, warned World Bank chief economsit Justin Yifu Lin.

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