Conference: For China, Cheaper Oil Is Good News and Bad
A Goldman Sachs specialist says the sharp decline in crude oil prices may challenge China's environmental initiatives but keep inflation in check.
Conference: Bank Regulator Criticizes Western Counterparts
The chief of the China Banking Regulatory Commission faulted western regulators for the financial crisis and spelled out a new policy for Chinese NPLs.
Conference: Real Estate Industry Feels Winter Chill
Experts agree China's real estate market is in a slump. But they disagree over how bad it will get, and what triggered the downturn.
Conference: Scholars Urge Economic Stimulus Scrutiny
Everyone is delighted by the Chinese government's 4 trillion yuan stimulus package. But when it comes to details, most are in the dark.
Conference: Government Data Still Hard to Get
A new law designed to open government files to the public has had limited success due to a publicity shortage and uncooperative officials.
Conference: Official Cites Hydropower’s Messy Splash
A top political adviser says more government oversight is needed in the wake of a decade of disorderly hydropower development in China.
News PM December 12
Management Share and Incentive Maximum Defined,15 Billion Yuan as Loan Interest Compensation for Technology Update,Aviation Companies Management Change,Rio Tinto Fires 14 Percent Staff
Conference: No Shortage of Ideas for Shoring up Economy
Now that consumer spending has been named a top priority for China, experts are recommending a range of ingredients for the recipe for success.
News AM December 12
GDPD Buys Yinglite Group Co. at 1.3 Billion Yuan,Four Foreign Aviation Companies Cancel Flights to China,Aviation Company Share Rises,State Council Emphasizes the Employment of Migrant Workers
Conference: A Chance to Reshape China’s Growth Model
Experts say China should adopt a new growth model based on domestic consumption in the face of the global financial crisis and falling exports.
Fuel Tax to Hit Agriculture
Raising taxes on diesel fuel will increase farmers' expenses. Can government's compensation plan help them enough?
M&A Lending Exits Banking Gray Zone
State-owned companies are expected to benefit from the decision to let banks write loans for mergers and acquisitions.
Dead End for a Tycoon’s Creative Financing
Trapped by financing schemes that he used to build a retail empire, one of the richest men in China is now in police custody.
News PM December 11
Banks to Push Forward Property Sector Integration,Smaller Steelmakers to Resume Operation, Airlines to Receive Capital Injection, Lenovo in Purchase Talks with Positivo,China Reaffirmed Yuan's Exchange Rate
Analysis: Policy after the Central Economic Conference
China's political and economic leaders evaluate ways to navigate China's economy through the global recession.
Dairy Deal Turns Sour for Foreign Investors
After two years and US$ 103 million, a group of foreign investors has won control of Taizinai – a defunct, indebted dairy.
News AM December 11
Capacity of Power Stations Reaches 900 Million Kilowatts,Light Industry Product Output Amounted to 9 Trillion Yuan,New Journalist IDs Issued in 2009,Ireland Pork Meet Products Recalled by GAQSIQ
News PM December 10
Property Slows Further,Chinese PPI Growth Drops 2 Percent,Everbright Bank to Issue Subordinated Bonds, PE Investors Become More Cautious, PWC: Asia-Pacific Property Developers Cry for Financing
Inland Nuclear Sites Getting Close Scrutiny
Environmental officials may take a year to examine nuclear plant proposals for Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.
Economist: Five Tips for Profiting in 2009
Last month we issued our recommendations for 'surviving in 2008'; now we continue the theme with our "five tips for profiting in 2009".
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