News PM December 16
Policy Bank CDB Becomes Commercial,Beijing Said to Cultivate Bigger SOEs,SASAC Mulling to Hold Stakes in SOEs Directly,CNPC May Bid for Verenex Energy,WTO Rejects China Appeal against Auto Parts Ruling
Cosco Loses Billions on Freight Hedging
Due to a dramatic decline in global freight rates for seagoing vessels, a Chinese shipping giant wracked up huge losses.
Mixed Signals for China’s Smoking Control
Chinese delegates at a global tobacco-control conference gave anti-smoking forces new reasons to cheer and jeer.
Tolls Out, Taxes Up for Fuel Price Reform
By increasing fuel taxes and eliminating fees and road tolls, China expects to end a decade of debates over fuel price reform.
News AM December 16
Guangdong Insurance Exceeds 100 Billion Yuan,FV to Produce 200 Thousand Audis in 2009,1.5 Billion Yuan Investment in Hainan Airlines Unconfirmed,Cross-Straits Direct Mail Service Commences
Macroreview:Emphasis on Upstream Industry Supports Imbalances
Beijing is more concerned about production than about consumption, increasing dependence on exports.
Sinopec Presses Ahead with Canadian Acquisition
On its way to global expansion, Sinopec plans to buy Tanganyika Oil, ignoring falling oil prices.
News PM December 15
China Shenhua Energy Chairman Retires,Huaneng Bought Luneng Listing Assets,Industrial Output Hit Lowest Level Since 1999,NDRC Plans to Issue Industry Stimulus Measures
Chinese Airlines Undergoes Management Reshuffle
Management reshuffle seen as a government effort to pave the way for the merger of China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines.
3.5 Million Yuan Compensation for Fake Medicine
The sale of dangerous fake medicine proved unprofitable for QSMF, as a court now ruled for the medicine's victims.
Conference: Derivatives, Easy to Blame for the Crisis
Experts agree that derivatives have both positive and negative qualities
News AM December 15
Two TCL-Owned Companies Merge,Business as Usual for Volkswagen,CCEC Controller Change, 100 Billion Cubic Meter Gas Field Found in Xinjiang,Five Percent Increase in 2009 Masters Admissions
Social Responsibility Reports Become Popular
More and more Chinese enterprises published CSR reports, though poorly done.
CAAC Tells Airlines to Go Slow on New Planes
China's aviation regulator unveils aid measures to struggling domestic airlines.
Conference: Rural Development amid Economic Crisis
Rural migrant workers are among the first to loose their jobs during economic downturn.
Conference: China's Enterprises: To Be or Not to Be
China’s struggling enterprises suffer from rising costs and lack risk control mechanisms, experts say.
Conference: Chuckles for a Cautious Central Banker
China's central bank governor avoided any chance of misquote by discussing carbon, and making his audience laugh.
Conference: No Change for World Trade Trends
China will have to wait at least a decade for an economy that does not rely on exports, an expert says, because global trade appears here to stay.
Conference: Official Promotes Broader Market
Merger and acquisition lending, bonds and REITs are among the financial avenues that could open new doors for China's maturing securities market.
Conference: Chinese Banker Backs Overseas Growth
The economic crunch gives Chinese banks a reason to accelerate expansion into foreign markets, according to the head of China Merchants.
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