News AM December 30
Hebei Steel Moves Toward Group Listing,Okay Airway May Resume Services Soon,Sanyuan to Lease Part of Sanlu’s Assets,Zhongjin Gold to Issue 1.7 Billion Yuan Notes
Chinese “White House Secretary” Tried for Murder
Li Guofu, a key whistle-blower, was assumedly murdered by Anhui official Zhang Zhian.
News PM December 29
China Sets up Clean Energy Vehicles Plant,China and Myanmar Sign Gas Deal,China Raises Tax Rebate for Machinery Products,Chengdu Government Buys Thousands of Apartments
More Officials Step Down over Milk Scandal
Two officials in Shijiazhuang lost their posts as the latest move in China's tainted milk scandal.
ICBC’s Paper Gold Trading System Went Wrong
ICBC froze all related trading accounts after a malfunction in paper gold trading system. Some investors who took advantage said that they are innocent.
News AM December 29
Next Two Years to Try Insurance Sector,Sewage Treatment Ask for Help,More City Officials Step Down For Milk Scandal,Talks Fail between Coal Miners and Power Firms,China Power Investment Takes over Jinyuan
Sanlu in Bankruptcy Proceeding
Dairy company Sanlu goes bankrupt, spreading fears among creditors as well as victims of tainted milk.
Opinion: Recapitalize, Don't Nationalize Banks
European and American banks have received capital from their governments, making them large shareholders. Economist Richard Portes argues against long-term nationalization.
News PM December 26
Profits of China's Industrial Enterprises Rise Slightly,Mainland Companies Encouraged to Invest in Taiwan,Conditions for Death Penalty Suspension,Four Million Migrant Workers Go Home to Henan
Beijing Tried to Bail out Credit Orienwise
Credit Orienwise, an insurer providing commercial guarantees, faces internal disputes as four investors want to pull out against the will of the main shareholder.
Global Financial Crisis: Farewell to the Golden Years
As first Asian economy, Singapore fell into deep recession. However, its authorities display full confidence in ‘natural healing’ of the economy, avoiding additional measures.
Banks Face Uncertainty over ‘Financial 30’
The government's plan for encouraging loans to stimulate the economy is facing resistance from the banking sector.
News AM December 26
State-Owned Enterprises Will Not Lay Off, Shanghai Launched M&A Loans, Sanyuan Adjusts Takeover Plan of Sanlu, Baosteel Raises Steel Prices, TCL to Issue Ten Billion Yuan in Bonds, Labor Law Easier Said Than Done
Officials Eye Crackdown on Financial Fraud
'Underground banks' and other illegal financial schemes are rampant in China. Now, policymakers may clamp down.
Global Financial Crisis: Sinking Sun
The specter of deflation returns as Japan heads into recession, but this time the policymakers are ready.
Brown Clouds, Haze on Pollution Watchlist
Scientists say a brown cloud layer blankets huge areas of the planet, including China, threatening the climate and human health.
China to Allow Yuan for Trade Settlement
A step forward in making the yuan an international currency; practice limited to designated regions
News PM December 25
China tests allowing yuan in foreign trade settlement,China Eastern to Get More Government Aid,China Railway to Issue 12 Bln Bonds,Lenovo Denies Rumors of Yang's Resignation
Global Financial Crisis: Weathering the Storm
As major economies totter in the financial crisis, emerging market countries are trying to shake off the dust.
Global Financial Crisis: Eastern Edge
Their economies' new openness set them up for a fall, but the stars of the former Soviet bloc will rise again
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