Climage Change: Crucial Decisions in 2009
On top of post-Kyoto emissions targets, a UN conference to be held at the end of the year will decide, or fail to decide, how the global community responds to climate change.
Steel: Undergoing Reshuffle
2008 saw an industry myriad small companies began consolidating into several giants. But the outcome of the reshuffle is still unclear.
Metals: China Debates Strategic Stockpiling
Efforts by provincial and central agencies to build reserves may help China's metals sector. But some call the policy short-sighted.
News PM January 23
SHK Repurchase Lehman's Minibonds at Original Value, Yili Forecasts 21 Mln loss, Hainan Airlines Expects Loss in 2008, Foot-and-Mouth Appears in China, Taiwan's Population Growth Hits New Low
A Precarious Festival for China's Migrants
Millions of migrant workers, including many recently jobless, spent this year’s Spring Festival pondering their uncertain future.
Part Three: Surplus Labor Solutions
The migrant worker paradox is closely tied to farming in China. But farmers are threatened by structural reforms, innovation and new technology.
Part Two: Incomes Levels Tumble
China's estimated 130 million migrant workers are the elite of the rural workforce.
Part One: In Search of a Livelihood
Dongguan was a quiet fishing village in Guangdong Province before the local economy boomed. Now it’s a city and world manufacturing hub.
News AM January 23
Sixty-five Chinese Companies Change to Local Auditors in 2008, China's SMEs Ease Losses in 4Q, Suntech Lays off 10% of Staff, Taiwan Sees Highest Unemployment Rate
Investment Adviser Accused of Market Manipulation
Wang Jianzhong was dealt a 125 million yuan fine for using his consulting firm to boost up his own investments.
News PM January 22
China's GDP Growth 9% in 2008, Housing Price Growth Slumped 1.1 Percent in Major Cities, Helongjiang Trade with Russia Worth US$ 11 Bln, Banking Regulators Push Forward Syndicate Loans
Carmakers Clutch Wheel as Market Slides
Growth rates are slipping for China's auto industry, but domestic and global manufacturers remain committed to the huge market.
Death Sentence in Milk Trial
Sentences were handed down January 22 in the trial of those accused of criminal involvement in China's milk scandal. Former Sanlu chairwoman received life in jail.
News AM January 22
Securities Firms Slowed in IPOs, CIRC Receives Criticism of Flight Insurance, Shanghai Stock Exchange Ready for Stock and Margin Lending, HKEx and SSE Enter Closer Cooperation
Ssangyong Waiting for Bankruptcy Protection
Ssangyong Motors, is expected to receive a court decision on its request for bankruptcy protection as early as late January
Jittery Welcome for China's Fledgling 3G
Now that 3G licenses have been awarded to three telecoms, China faces tough questions about the technology's future.
News PM January 21
Trust Companies Given More Room to Lend, VC Fell 65% in 2nd Half 2008, Citic Securities'Net Profits Fell 41%, New Vice Minister in Ministry of Environment, Guangdong Subsidizes Industrial Upgrading
Can Guangdong Save Its Role Model Status?
Switching to a services economy from a labor-intensive industrial base won't be easy, but Guangdong Province has little choice.
Regulators Focus on Fairness in IPO Pricing
China's stock price inquiry mechanism may be overhauled to improve the effectiveness and fairness of IPO projects.
CBRC: No 'Great Leap' for 2009 Lending
Bank regulators, seeking to balance development and risk control in tough times, have set new goals for commercial lenders.
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