When Optimism and Reality Collide
Upbeat forecasts about a worsening economy overlook what China really needs for a turnaround: structural adjustment.
Australia's Fortescue Confident Regulator Will Approve Hunan Valin Investment
The transaction is expected to be completed by late March.
News AM March 4
Changan Auto to Buy back 70% B-shares, Shenhua Profits Rise 30% in 2008, Shanghai World Expo Open on Trial Basis after 2010, Ping An Has No Plan to Acquire Shenzhen Bank
A Decade to Lose
If governments don't understand and simply try to bring back the "good times" of an asset-based economy, it could result in a decade of stagnation.
Dairy's Pride Sours in Additive Controversy
Once touted as a health boost, a milk additive called OMP is now the focus of debates over food safety and China's largest dairy.
Smoke Clears, Doubts Linger at CCTV Fire
Investigators are studying financial deals while trying to pin blame for a blaze that scorched a Beijing skyscraper last month.
News PM March 3
Shaghai Foreign Trade Fell 20 Percent in February, Fund Managers Invest in Their Own Funds, India Eases Ban on Chinese Toys, SDIC Mulling New Reshuffle Plan
Former CDB Official Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
Hu was convicted of taking 5.5 million yuan in bribes.
Lawyer Filed Second Request for Disclosure of Stimulus Investment
The filing represents an unprecedented test of transparency for the program.
The Benign Threat of Eastern Europe
Even if the financial system in Eastern Europe "melts down," the financial impact on Europe as a whole would likely be less than catastrophic.
News AM March 3
China Open Civil Lawsuits on Milk Scandal, Agents Become Top Life Insurance Sales Channel, Thermoelectric Project Approved in Shijiazhuang, COSL Appointed New CEO
Administrators Culpable for Death in Detention Center
The recent death of an inmate in Yunnan Province was the result of detention center "kingpins" and deficient supervision, say provincial officials.
News PM March 2
New Insurance Law Effective in October, HK Loses on Foreign Currency Investment, Shanghai Airport Profit Dropped, Gas Tunnels Completed in South, China to Regulate Milk Standards
Chinese Manufactures on the Brink of Failure
China needs to foster domestic demand in order to save failing Chinese manufacturers.
News AM March 2
CNPC to Invest in Verenex, Suntech Power Reported 4Q Loss, Chinalco in Talks with Banks for Financing, China's Bond Market Buoyed, Foreign Trade to Be Settled in Yuan
The Politics of Overseas Investment
The reaction to the first wave of Chinese outbound investment in 2009 has been decidedly mixed. It is in China's interests to figure out why this is.
Shanghai-Hangzhou High-Speed Rail Project
Building of the 30-billion-yuan Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed passenger railway began on Feb 26.
News PM February 27
Agile in Bribery Scandal, Shanda Interactive Revenue Up, SDIC Drops Reshuffle Plan for Coal Subsidiary
In China, Speculators Need Not Pay to Play
Several Chinese state-owned companies lost huge sums through speculative financial trading, but only Chen Jiulin went to jail.
Web of Silence Tied to Coal Mine Disaster
Authorities say reporters and officials conspired to conceal news of a Hebei Province explosion that killed dozens of coal miners.
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