China's Shrinking Trade Surplus
The fundamental cause of today’s global imbalance can be found in domestic structural problems on both sides. Exchange rates will play only a secondary role in rebalancing.
High-Speed Expansion Not to be Affected on Rail Minister’s Bribe Investigation
China's railway minister has been stripped of his job and is being investigated for corruption, but it will not affect the expansion of high-speed railways.
U.S. Treasury Plans to Wind Down Fannie, Freddie
The Obama administration has unveiled its plan to shrink its role in the government-sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
China Hikes Deposit Reserves at Some Small &Medium Banks
China has ordered some small- and medium-sized banks to deposit more reserve at the central bank to rein in inflation and control excessive lending.
China Sets Rare Earth Mining Zones to Tighten Regulation
China has recently laid out the first group of 11 regions for rare earth mining, highlighting its effort to strengthen regulation on the precious minerals.
America's Ungovernable Budget
To do so would require calling for higher taxes, and that – as George H. W. Bush learned in 1992 – is no way to get re-elected.
PetroChina to Buy Canadian Gas for $5.4Bln
PetroChina has agreed to pay C$5.4bn (US$5.4bn) for a 50 percent stake in a large natural gas field in western Canada owned by Encana,
Why Did Economists Not Foresee the Crisis?
I would argue that three factors largely explain our collective failure: specialization, the difficulty of forecasting, and the disengagement of much of the profession from the real world.
China Central Bank Hikes Interest Rate by 0.25Pct
The one-year lending rate and deposit rate will be 6.06 percent and 3.0 percent respectively, effective on Feb. 9.
Jan. CPI Up 5.5Pct; Property Control on the Right Track: CICC Report
CICC predicted China’s January CPI to rise 5.5 percent while the new round of property regulation is on the right track to defuel housing bubbles and sustain economic growth.
The End of China's Surplus
The policies that China will adopt as part of its new five-year plan will shrink its trade and current-account surpluses.
Trade Deficit Reduction would Affect Companies, Jobs: Official
The reduction of trade surplus by expanding general exports would bring negative effect on domestic companies and cut jobs.
Year of the Rabbit May Bring More U.S. Opportunities for Chinese Investors
Fortunately for Chinese investors, 2011 is not an election year and thus the political wildcard is less likely to come into play.
"China Won and the Rest of the World Won" – Davos Quotes by Xinhua
"Who won? Did China win and rest of the world lose? Did China lose and rest of the world win? The reality is China won and the rest of the world won..."
There is still Room for Deposit Reserve Hikes: China Bank Governor
Polices must be adjusted in time to subdue rising prices, warned Zhou.
Globalization Marches On
As the benefits of globalization became manifest, and the damage wrought by autarkic policies also became evident, policymakers in the East began to appreciate that their anti-globalization stance had been a mistake.
2011 Lending Target Hasn't Been Set, Says China Banking Regulator
China’s 2011 lending target hasn’t been set, China’s top banking regulator was cited as saying by the China Securities Journal on Thursday.
Justin Lin Warns China over Property Bubbles, Unfair Income Distribution
World Bank chief economist Justin Lin (Lin Yifu) warned Beijing on Tuesday over property price bubbles and the unfair income distribution.
Life after Capitalism
Capitalism may be close to exhausting its potential to create a better life – at least in the world’s rich countries.
Some Banks Raise Lending Rates by 10-45Pct -Media
Some commercial banks in China have raised their lending rates by as much as 45 percent over the benchmark rate because of the shortage of the funds.
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