Blog: The Two Voices of Two Intellectuals
I've always believed that only intellectuals who shoulder social responsibility can be called true intellectuals.
Thaksin's Thailand Remains a Divided Society
Exiled Thai prime minister Thaksin made mistakes during the protests that have soured many supporters. He may not be able to return to power in the near future.
How Deep a Hole Has the U.S. Dug for Itself?
It may take several years for the U.S. consumer to cut household debt to acceptable levels and the world would do well not to depend on resumption of spending as the way out of the recession.
News AM April 20
Taiwan Securities Official Signs MOU with Shanghai Bourse, Steel Executives Convicted for Tax Evasion, SMIC Posts US$440 Mln in 2008 Losses
China Power Output Down 3.5% In Early April
The further decline indicates that consumption remains weak and further signs of economic recovery are yet to come.
Banking Regulator Warns of Credit Risks
Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, told banks to be cautious about loan assessment and management to control risks.
News PM April 17
China, Kazakhstan Sign US$ 5 Bln Oil Loan Agreement, Huadian Power Q1 Power Output Down, 1.1 Bln Shares Become Tradable in March, Hu Jintao Meets Kazakhstani President
China Eastern Sees Return to Profit In 2011
China Eastern Airlines said it will return to profitability by 2011 through cost cuts, further government aid and new bank financing.
Two Provincial Officials Detained in GOME Probe
Two provincial officials have been detained and dismissed from their posts for connection with Huang Guangyu's case.
Embattled Courts, a Backlog of Grievances
China has a 20-year-old law that's supposed to open courts to grievances against government agencies. Someday, it might work.
News AM April 17
Steel Industry Reports Increased Losses, Shougang 2008 Net Profit Drops, Banking Regulator Warns of Credit Risks, Chinese Navy Escorts Hand Over
For Goldman Sachs, A Slower Pay Day is OK
Blankfien's call for pay reform on Wall Street is probably more posturing than penitence, as the Goldman chief exec knows there's no wrath like that of angry voters.
Citic Pacific's Crisis: More Real than Rumor
Rumor denials were frequent at Citic Pacific before a police raid and Larry Yung's resignation confirmed serious trouble.
Export Decline Cut Q1 GDP Growth by 0.2 Percentage Points
Exports have declined five straight months beginning in November as overseas demand for China's goods dried up.
China's Forex Reserves Flat in Q1
Official said recent depreciation of the euro and declining foreign direct investment caused a slow increase.
News PM April 16
Yunnan Copper Reports 2008 Losses, China Agri-Industries to Form Port Logistics Arm in Tianjin, China Buys U.S. Bonds at a Slower Pace, Q1 Retail Sales Up 15%
National Pension Fund To Invest In Local Govt Bonds
The new move further expands participation in the local government bond program, after insurers were encouraged to take up the bonds last month.
China's Q1 GDP Growth Slows, Industrial Value-Added Output Up
Without structural change of the economy, the recovery will only be temporary.
News AM April 16
Rural Home Appliance Sales Surge, Huiyuan Still Waiting for Buyers, First Quarter GDP Growth Hits Low of 6%, North Korea to Restart Nuclear Weapons Program
Shanghai Banks Q1 New Deposits At Record 301.5 Bln Yuan
Depositors were worried about the health of major foreign banks, many of which needed government aid to survive the financial turmoil.
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