Panasonic Unit in Talks to Sell Stake in Beijing CRT Venture
Panasonic is in talks with Chinese partner BOE to sell its stake in Beijing CRT Venture.
News AM April 23
Baidu Sued for Monopoly, Court Blocked PCCW Privatization Bid, Regulators Inspect Commodities Forward Market, Lawmakers Call for More Input in Rural Pension System
Blog: Translating 'buzheteng'
CIC's chairman of the board of supervisors completed the mission impossible – translating buzheteng into English.
Funds Allowed in Wealth Management
The new regulation aims to remedy an old problem - with or without regulatory approval, private money flows to fund managers anyway.
News PM April 22
Local Government Bonds Hard to Sell, Shenzhen Bourse Suspends ETF Fees, Hong Kong Sees Increasing Container Throughput, Valin, Fortescue Deal Approved by NDRC
China March CGPI Index Down 6.6 Percent
The sharp decline in March is expected to show up in negative consumer price index growth numbers in the next few months.
China to Loosen Control on Publishers
The government is set to ease limits on publishers by broadening licensing in the next three to five years.
News AM April 22
Citic Pacific Sells Power Assets, Guangdong Nuclear Power PE Starts Fundraising, China Receives 6.2 Billion SDR, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Visits Five Countries
CNPC to Issue US Dollar Bonds in China
CNPC plans to issue dollar-denominated bonds in the interbank market soon, the first by a non-financial institution.
China Prepares for Its Version of NASDAQ
In many ways, the GEM is indeed a simple extension of the Main Board.
Blog: A Different Bush
Though I still know little about him, after that speech, I knew he is at least a great speaker capable of holding his audiences spellbound.
China Zhongwang Plans Year's Biggest IPO
Zhongwang's issuing price is 12 to 14 times its forecast results for 2009, a range likely to hold due to increased liquidity in the market.
News PM April 21
Vale Offers Discounts to China Iron Ore Clients, CNOOC To Issue 10 Bln Yuan Worth of 5-Yr Bonds, Deals Shrink at Guangzhou Trade Fair, NPC to Explain Government Official Dismissals
Manager for 20-Bln-Yuan Shipbuilding Fund Approved
The NDRC approved the establishment of a firm to manage China's Shipbuilding Fund, a move to boost the ailing industry.
Steel Mill Chairman Sentenced, Released
The court ruling on Dai Guofang draws the curtain on a sad drama that shuttered a steel mill.
Early Rice Futures Off Highs in Zhengzhou Debut
China has traded futures for most major grain products including wheat, cotton, oilseeds, soybean, and maize. Now China is the world's fifth country to trade early rice futures.
News AM April 21
Three Funds Redistribute Dividends, Funds Increase Holdings in Q1, Air Ticket Prices Rise in China, Chinese Navy Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Battle over Asia Aluminum's Debt Plan
A Chinese aluminum company's debt restructuring plan has triggered an acrimonious battle between the company and foreign holders of its debt.
Fund Scandal Accused Sentenced to Death with Reprieve
Wang Weigong, a key figure in Shanghai pension fund scandal was sentenced to death with two years' reprieve for corruption.
News PM April 20
China to Ease Limits on Publishing Companies, Sinopec Shanghai Returns to Profit in Q1, Haitong Securities in Talks to Buy Bridge Trust, Heze Reports 16 HFMD Deaths
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