Central Bank to Investigate Risks of Bank Support for Trust Lending
Trust obligations could expose banks to unacceptable risks when the issuer finds itself unable to repay investors.
Bank of China's Xiao on Pressure Strategy
Bank chief Xiao Gang describes how a lending surge, structural adjustment and the yuan figure in to Bank of China's future.
IPO Reforms No Guarantee of Market-Oriented Share Issues
The IPO reforms feature auction-based share issues intended to give small investors a better chance and reducing the disparity between share offer prices and the prices achieved on the first day of trading.
Personal Ties Turn Bitter for Sinolink Chief
A suspicious trail led investigators from key figures at the China Securities Regulatory Commission straight to Sinolink's Lei Bo.
Regulate with a Big Stick, Not a Fly Swatter
China's securities regulators should focus on sound oversight and tough discipline to protect, not merely stabilize, the market.
News PM May 27
Graduate Employment Rate Drops by 10% in Liaoning; China Spends 61.2% of 2009 Investment Budget; China LCD Panel, TV Makers Hit By Export Slump
Government Explains Details of Stimulus Package
About 70 percent of the 4-trillion yuan stimulus package will come from local governments and private companies.
Shaanxi to Aid Local Govts With Bond Issues for Stimulus Projects
Of the stimulus money, capital from the central government is almost all in place. But local governments, including many in Shaanxi, have had a hard time raising and allocating their share of the funds.
Replying to the 'Why?' over Roh Moo-hyun
Mourning Koreans are offering three possible reasons for the suicide of their former graft-fighting president, Roh Moo-hyun.
Blog: The Bird's Nest and Yingxiu as Tourist Destinations
Tourism of sites like the Bird's Nest and Yingxiu sells our hopes and sorrows. But who is profiting, really?
News AM May 27
Shenzhen Development Issues 1.5 Bln Yuan in Hybrid Notes; Chinalco Considers Concessions In Rio Tinto Deal; Hebei Steelmakers Get Merger Approval
Yuan Trade Settlement Pilot Plan Still Under Discussion
Economist said it is still not possible to say exactly when the central bank will officially launch the scheme or which banks will participate.
News PM May 26
US Senator Condemns North Korea's Nuclear Test; Bohai Bank Plans Listing in 2012 Or 2013; TPG To Invest 550 Mln Yuan in Shoe Retailer Daphne
China Launches First Iron Ore Trading Center
The trading center's focus on smaller-scale industry players reflects the different levels of service required by the segment.
CISA Looking Into Rio-Nippon Steel Iron Ore Deal
Trade association official declined to comment on the deal, which could set a benchmark for the other two big miners, BHP Billiton and Vale.
Confessions of Chinese Derivatives Deals, Part 3
In this latest installment, a former investment banker tells how 'accumulators' favored banks at the expense of Chinese clients.
News AM May 26
Former Huayi Deputy Chairman on Trial for Corruption; China Power Output Decline Narrows in Mid-May; Jailed Executive Moved to House Arrest
Economist: New Nail in the Decoupling Theory Coffin
GDP and industrial production data proves that emerging markets grow in tandem with the developed world – and a lot faster.
North Korea Conducts Second Nuclear Test, Fires Missile
According to a Chinese nonproliferation expert, the test was aimed at increasing North Korea's international clout and seeking direct dialogue with the American government.
News PM May 25
ICBC Says Standard Bank 2008 Investment Return 7.7%; U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Visits China; Top Shanxi Coal Producers To List All Assets By 2015
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