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This asset class, which is characterized by shared risk between institutions and clients, avoided many of the most severe consequences of the global financial crisis that began in 2008.

The U.S.’ accusations of a lack of openness in Beijing’s military policy were “groundless and untrustworthy,” spokesman with the Ministry of National Defense Geng Yansheng said.

In South Korea, young voters are becoming angrier, more politically active, and increasingly hostile to the old established parties

ina started its 40-day long Spring Festival peak travel season, or the Chunyun period, on Sunday with tens of millions of passengers on the move in the world’s largest seasonal migration.

China may expand the property tax to some big cities such as Guangzhou, Nanjing, an official with the Finance Ministry said Thursday.

Hunting the Higgs


At CERN, two independent teams of physicists recently announced that their data were consistent with detection of a Higgs particle

The threshold was raised to 55 U.S. dollars a barrel from 40 dollars from November 1;PetroChina will pay 30 billion yuan less in the windfall tax every year

European governments have agreed in principal to ban imports of Iranian oil, according to EU diplomats.

China Central bank is likely to cut the reserve requirements for banks before the traditional Chinese lunar New Year holiday, which falls on January 22-28, as the bank halted open market operations Thursday.

At 52.5.As monetary easing and tax cuts measures gradually filter through, growth momentum should start to improve into 2Q.

Internet users have flooded the microblog with criticism using words such as “roaring”, “intimidating” and “ferocious” to describe the image of the dragon in the new set of stamps to be issued on Thursday.

Developing countries have learned over time that real income growth and employment expansion are driven by productivity gains, not exchange-rate movements.

2012 will be a crucial time of trial for central banks throughout Latin America.

China’s Sinopec has said Tuesday that it will invest 2.2 billion U.S. dollars for a third of Devon Energy Corp’s interest in five developing field

China’s central bank will maintain a “prudent” monetary stance and “ensure the continuity and stability” of policy in the coming new year, said Zhou Xiaochuan.

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