Web Post Reveals Officials' Luxury
A Shanghai blogger exposed an exorbitant, three-week vacation that 23 officials from Wenzhou City took on public funds.
Fuel Tax Reform Seen Imminent
The suspension of road maintenance charges seems to auger fuel price reforms in the near future.
Guangzhou Taxi Drivers Strike
Guangzhou's taxi drivers are striking lower costs for their cars, but lack of a proper organization hampers them.
Beijing Centergate Chairman Probed in Scandal
A stock manipulation scandal that has already implicated China’s richest man has grown to include several other suspects.
Politics and Law November 24 to 28
SASAC helps SOEs, fuel tax reform about to launch
Shanxi Hush Money Scandal
More than 50 people have been taken into custody for their involvement in a mining accident cover-up in Shanxi Province.
Gome Confirms Chairman Under Investigation
China's top electronics retailer verified that its chairman Wong Kwong-yu is being investigated by police.
Trials Open for Ex-Insurance Boss Embezzlement
The former chairman of China Life Insurance is accused of embezzling and misappropriating as much as 300 million yuan.
Gome Founder Wong Kwong-yu Detained
China's wealthiest individual was detained over alleged stock manipulation involving his elder brother's company.
New Plan for Reviving China's Dairy Industry
The State Council's new plan for the country's struggling dairies emphasizes modernization and financial support to get the industry back to its feet.
Politics and Law Nov. 17 to 21
Hangzhou subway collapsed, China collects employment data of migrant workers, taxi-driver strikes continued, violent protest in Gansu
China's Government Defends Vitamin Cartel
A U.S. price-fixing lawsuit against Chinese vitamin makers will continue despite a 'foreign sovereignty' argument.
Hangzhou Subway Collapse: Who is Responsible?
Poor soil conditions, a rushed schedule, insufficient funds, and inexperienced workers – tragedy was written into job from the very start.
Violent Protest in Gansu
What started as a protest over forced relocations erupted into chaos on November 17, leaving 60 people injured.
Subcontracting Raised Risk on Hangzhou Subway
Informal subcontracting meant many workers on the collapsed section of the Hangzhou subway had no prior construction experience – some had never worked before.
Shanghai Seeks New Platform for Growth
Shanghai's government launched eight measures to implement the central government's economic stimulus package.
Wen Jiabao's Third Trip to Guangdong
The Prime Minister went Guangdong last week to observe the region's economic condition and to encourage SMEs to push toward post-industrialism.
Foreign Investment Process in Graft Storm
What began as a probe of one Ministry of Commerce official has spread to other agencies that oversee foreign investment.
Hangzhou Subway Construction Accident
Three are dead and 18 more are missing after a subway line in Hangzhou City collapsed, burying several cars from the road above.
Trial Begins for Senior Chongqing Official
Head of Chongqing's special economic zone Tang Wenfeng is accused of misappropriating 218 million yuan and using public assets to guarantee private loans.
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