Tough Labor Market Challenges Labor Law
The new labor law, designed to protect employee's rights, is found difficult to implement due to a tough labor market.
Shanghai Official Commits Suicide
An official perhaps affiliated with Chen Liangyu's graft scandal jumped from her balcony.
Chinese “White House Secretary” Tried for Murder
Li Guofu, a key whistle-blower, was assumedly murdered by Anhui official Zhang Zhian.
More Officials Step Down over Milk Scandal
Two officials in Shijiazhuang lost their posts as the latest move in China's tainted milk scandal.
Politics and Law December 22 to 26
China is close to fail its goal to improve environmental conditions.
Can Banks Save Chengdu's White Elephant?
A buyer has emerged for part of an elaborate office complex built by the Chengdu city government. But controversy continues.
Shanghai Resumes Work on Maglev
Shanghai prepares to restart controversial project, but opposition remains.
SAFE Official Nabbed in M&A Graft Case
Investigators building a criminal case against top officials tied to foreign mergers and acquisitions have detained a new suspect.
"King" of Tianjin Economic Zone Arrested
The latest chapter in an unfolding tale of corruption at Tianjin's Binhai Economic Zone focuses on its ex-chief, Pi Qiansheng.
Webmasters Found Guilty of Online Harassment
A suicide and a lawsuit over posthumous blogging bring an unusual case to the court.
Politics and Law December 15 to 19
illegal land appropriation fuels peasants anger in Jiangxi, direkt links to Taiwan are established and a pair of pandas is about to be sent, the Ministry of Health published a list of dangerous food additives
Jiangxi Land Seizure Fuels People’s Wrath
Several hundred people in Jiangxi voice their criticism over land seizure for a factory.
China Eases Rules to Boost Housing Sector
Tax cuts and plans for promoting low-income housing were included in the State Council's new real estate stimulus package.
Direct Links to Taiwan Established
Ports and Airports in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are now open for direct connections, canceling the need for a third location.
Paying the Price for China's Milk Scandal
Hospitals and parents of babies sickened by melamine-tainted milk powder formula are shouldering huge costs they can't pay.
3.5 Million Yuan Compensation for Fake Medicine
The sale of dangerous fake medicine proved unprofitable for QSMF, as a court now ruled for the medicine's victims.
Conference: Government Data Still Hard to Get
A new law designed to open government files to the public has had limited success due to a publicity shortage and uncooperative officials.
Fuel Tax to Hit Agriculture
Raising taxes on diesel fuel will increase farmers' expenses. Can government's compensation plan help them enough?
Dead End for a Tycoon's Creative Financing
Trapped by financing schemes that he used to build a retail empire, one of the richest men in China is now in police custody.
Politics and Law December 1 to 5
China and the United States held the fifth round of the Strategic Economic Dialogue, Beijing Centergate Technologies president Xu Zhongmin was being probed on suspicion of economic crimes
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