A Precarious Festival for China's Migrants
Millions of migrant workers, including many recently jobless, spent this year’s Spring Festival pondering their uncertain future.
Part Three: Surplus Labor Solutions
The migrant worker paradox is closely tied to farming in China. But farmers are threatened by structural reforms, innovation and new technology.
Part Two: Incomes Levels Tumble
China's estimated 130 million migrant workers are the elite of the rural workforce.
Part One: In Search of a Livelihood
Dongguan was a quiet fishing village in Guangdong Province before the local economy boomed. Now it’s a city and world manufacturing hub.
Can Guangdong Save Its Role Model Status?
Switching to a services economy from a labor-intensive industrial base won't be easy, but Guangdong Province has little choice.
Two New Suspects in Retail Tycoon's Case
Two security officials have been taken into custody in connection to their involvement with Huang Guangyu.
Parents Accept Cash for Tainted-Milk Death
The Gansu Province parents of a 5-month-old girl who died last spring accepted a 200,000 yuan offer from a scandalized dairy.
Dongguan Labor Disputes Jumped
Labor disputes soared in Dongguan City in 2008, with legal disputes up 159.18 percent from 2007 and even higher figures for arbitration.
Ponzi Case Raises Death Penalty Questions
Do financiers tied to all sorts of investment fraud, 'underground banking' and private borrowing deserve to be executed?
The Sanlu Trial: Diary of a Dairy Disaster
Trials for more than 20 executives, middlemen and dairy farmers exposed the ugly depth of China's melamine-tainted milk scandal.
Sanlian Sues Gome over Suspicious Auction
Sanlian Commercial claims that an auction of equity in its subsidiary was rigged to let Gome take over the company.
Protection of Farmland Use Rights Overestimated
An investigation revealed that only a part of China's farmers received farmland rights certificates, contradicting official figures.
Speedy Disclosure About Bird Flu Promised
Following a recent case of bird flu in Beijing, authorities promise no delays or concealments concerning information.
Politics and Law January 5 to 9
Migrant workers return home early, new regulations against corruption passed, more arrests related to Huang Guangyu, bird flu kills woman in Beijing
Stripped of Halo, Taiwan's Chen Awaits Fate
Chen Shuibian's reputation for battling corruption is in tatters now that prosecutors say the island's former leader was a thief.
Casino King Entangled with Huang Guangyu
Police arrested Lian Chao for allegedly money laundering for Gome's former executive Huang Guangyu.
Jiangsu Developer Investigated for Illegal Financing
Illegal funding went well too long for Leyuan. As the real estate market slumped, Leyuan is unable to pay the price.
Gome Tycoon's Wife under House Arrest
As the financing scandal of Gome founder Huang Guangyu unfolds, his wife is put under house arrest for alleged business crimes.
Officials in Xinjiang Partially Declare Their Incomes
Officials from Altay city in Xinjiang Province made public income statements but scholars doubt their effectiveness.
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