Obstacles in Turning Shanghai Into an International Shipping Center
Shanghai's current tax and legal system do not provide the support necessary to enable the city to reach its goals of becoming a world-class shipping center.
Yilin Head Gets 15 Yrs in Jail, Fined 300 Mln
Twenty-eight employees from the Yilin Wood Company received jail sentences for their role in Beijing's largest pyramid scheme.
Shanghai Aims to Become International Finance and Shipping Center
The State Council is expected to approve Shanghai's proposal to turn itself into global economic hub.
One City's Success with Public Health Care
Government-backed public clinics and private health centers have ushered in a new era for affordable care in the city of Zhuhai.
Last-Minute Challenges for Health Reform
Local government costs and doctor pay are among the unfinished issues for health care reformers, whose task appears far from done.
J&J Targeted By China Net Protesters Over Shampoo
While the amounts found do not exceed legal limits, threats to the health of children have become a flashpoint for consumer anger in China.
Is Chang Gung Good Medicine for Reform?
A Xiamen hospital operated by Taiwan's Chang Gung was supposed to spark mainland reforms. But the barriers are high.
China Adds Small Vehicles, Motorcycles to Rural Subsidy List
Local entrepreneur said it would be more beneficial for the government to cancel the 10 percent tax and provide a subsidy.
Lunar Exploration: Act II
Before 2013, China plans to launch its first moon landing and send an unmanned exploration vehicle out on the lunar surface.
China Farm Products Glut to Continue In 2009
Vegetable, fruit and pig farmers expanded production in 2008 in anticipation of a repeat of 2007's robust demand, only to see the global economy collapse.
Premier Calls for Confidence during Economic Slowdown
Economic stimulus plan, yuan exchange rate, foreign currency reserves, GDP growth targets and more.
Supreme Procuratorate Aims at Financial Crimes
China's highest national prosecutors agency will target financial and real estate crimes in 2009.
Industrial Output Creeps, Retail Sales Soar
Government data for the first months of the year points to rising industrial output, consumer spending, and bank loans.
Blast Killed 11 Workers for Railway Construction
A blast in worker dormitories for a high-speed rail line that will link Shanghai and Nanjing killed 11 people. Twenty more were injured.
China Again Omits Mention of Real Estate Stimulus
An official's remarks are the second signal in these weeks apparently intended to dampen speculation over policy support for real estate.
Another Anemic Month for China's Industry
Ahead of government industrial production reports, it appears growth rates for Chinese factories slowed in February.
Shanghai Suspends Maglev Project
The maglev railway project adds questionable value, in light of an equally fast express train that will run on a similar route.
1.3 Tln More Needed for Sichuan Reconstruction
With 1.7 trillion in reconstruction costs and only some 300 billion yuan in financing, the Sichuan reconstruction effort is significantly short on funds.
Criminal Law Enforcement Needs Detailed Verdict
A legal battle in Fujian over three seized properties highlights the importance of detailed court rulings.
Hopson Chairman Misses CPPCC For 'Health Reasons'
Interest in the whereabouts of Zhu has intensified in the wake of reports that he is under investigation by police, allegedly in connection with the case of Gome Group's founder Huang Guangyu.
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