Blog: A Different Bush
Though I still know little about him, after that speech, I knew he is at least a great speaker capable of holding his audiences spellbound.
Fund Scandal Accused Sentenced to Death with Reprieve
Wang Weigong, a key figure in Shanghai pension fund scandal was sentenced to death with two years' reprieve for corruption.
Blog: The Two Voices of Two Intellectuals
I've always believed that only intellectuals who shoulder social responsibility can be called true intellectuals.
Thaksin's Thailand Remains a Divided Society
Exiled Thai prime minister Thaksin made mistakes during the protests that have soured many supporters. He may not be able to return to power in the near future.
Two Provincial Officials Detained in GOME Probe
Two provincial officials have been detained and dismissed from their posts for connection with Huang Guangyu's case.
Embattled Courts, a Backlog of Grievances
China has a 20-year-old law that's supposed to open courts to grievances against government agencies. Someday, it might work.
Export Decline Cut Q1 GDP Growth by 0.2 Percentage Points
Exports have declined five straight months beginning in November as overseas demand for China's goods dried up.
Tweaking a Recipe for Antitrust Regulation
The Chinese anti-monopoly rule that barred a buyout of juice maker Huiyuan is still under development – and controversial.
A Realistic Prognosis for Medical Reform
China's new health care reform plan provides for better care and protection, but not universal public access and coverage.
China Travelers to U.S. Up 28% in Jan
The appreciating value of the yuan against the dollar has made sightseeing in the U.S. more attractive for Chinese tourists.
A Fresh Model for Public Accountability
Leaders in a Zhejiang Province city have found a new way to manage at least some government affairs with citizen input.
Geological Risks Emerge at Three Gorges Dam
Rising water levels at the Three Gorges Dam have caused the deterioration of the riverbanks and threatened local communities.
Sanyuan Not Bid for Additional Sanlu Assets
Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co. said it will not participate in a second auction of assets belonging to Sanlu Group.
G20 Members to Inject US$750 Bln into IMF
Leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies have agreed to provide US$750 billion to the International Monetary Fund.
China Drafting Market-Share Standards for Antitrust Review
China is drafting a standard for its antitrust review that will determine when the market share of a combined entity is uncompetitive.
Medical Muddling in a Children's Epidemic
Local health officials in some parts of China set their own rules for reporting cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. That's changing.
Obama, Hu to Meet for First Time Ahead Of G20
Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. President Barack Obama will hold first meeting in London ahead of the G20 Summit.
Health Chief Leads HFMD Epidemic Team
As the disease spreads among children, especially in Henan and Shandong provinces, the health minister is getting involved.
China, Argentina Inked Currency Swap Agreement
China and Argentina have agreed to set up a currency swap system which enables trade between the two countries to be settled in Yuan.
Ministry Investigates HFMD Epidemic
The health ministry sent officials to cities that were accused of concealing HFMD cases and deaths.
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