Blog: Was Kim Jong-il's Inspection Photo Faked?
I don't think there's obvious evidence for the falsity of the photos, but it doesn't mean we can believe every news report from this country.
Xiluodu Hydropower Project Draws Auditors' Criticism
The auditor urged CTGPC to address these problems expeditiously and improve the efficiency of funds invested in the project.
Ex-Sinopec Chief Spared Execution, For Now
Two years after being stripped of his post, veteran oil executive Chen Tonghai has received what's probably a life sentence.
Tough Balancing Act for China's Flu Control
Some say China should relax controls for the A/H1N1 outbreak. But strict measures, including quarantines, are still in place.
The Toppling of a Beijing Property Tycoon
Authorities say bribery and backdoor deals were built into Liu Jun's business model from day one. Now his empire is defunct.
Blog: Is It Actually Urumqi?
As professional news agencies obtain news and multimedia from new media, they must be more cautious than ever.
State Shares Offer Hope for Social Security
Officials are dusting off a plan to transfer state-owned company shares to China's social security fund. Yet hurdles remain.
Post-Riot Calm in Urumqi
After the events of July 5, life in Urumqi is starting to quiet down. The authorities have issued the plan of the compensation for the victims.
Hotel Death Haunts a City of Dark Memory
Thousands of armed police had to disperse crowds in a Hubei Province city after a young man's death stirred grief -- and rage.
Urumqi Sweeps Up after Deadly Rioting
Order had returned to Urumqi but most shops remained closed and Internet links were still cut two days after a July 5 riot.
Heeding the Lessons of China's Civil Unrest
Inept officials and clumsy law enforcement can fuel trouble when people are upset, as we've seen with regret over the past year.
Shenzhen Mayor Bows Out on Bribery Probe
The detention of Xu Zongheng may be linked to corruption probe, ending the career of an official who managed Shenzhen's boom.
Pause Button for China's Internet Filter Rule
Concerns raised by computer manufacturers factored into a government decision to delay the Green Dam software mandate.
Yields Rise on 28, 91-Day Repos
The People's Bank of China on June 30 drained 50 billion yuan from the money market via 28-day repos yielding 0.95 percent.
How China Justifies Empty Witness Chairs
Witnesses rarely appear in person to testify at Chinese criminal trials. Some experts say the practice hurts the legal process.
Green Dam Plan Faces More U.S. Pressure
Top U.S. government officials have urged China outright to abandon a controversial mandate for Internet filtering.
55.7 % of Rural Land Requisition Quota Used
China is under increasing pressure to provide land on which to build the infrastructure necessary to support the country's rapidly urbanizing population.
China Web-filtering Software Facing Legal Challenges
A lawyer required the government to make public all information concerning the process involved in the purchasing of the filtering software.
Judiciary's 'Instruction' System On Trial
China's lower courts routinely seek pre-verdict instructions from higher courts. It's a system now getting close scrutiny.
China Suspends Two Hydropower Projects
Both projects had blocked the flow of the Jinsha River for the construction effort without obtaining permits from the ministry.
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