Voluntary Organ Donor Program Established
Gruesome murder sparks heated discussion on human-organ transplants.
China to Investigate CCI Dealings after U.S. Bribery Plea
Several companies named in the ruling have denied wrongdoing, including CNOOC, Guohua Electric Power, Datang Power and China Resources Power.
Blog: Obama's Ambassador Arrives in Beijing
Unlikely ambassador starts work in China.
Legislator and Local Entrepreneur Accused of Mob Ties
Entrepreneur and delegate to the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress has been arrested in connection to anti-gang investigations in Chongqing.
China-Australia Relations: Warm, Tepid, Cool?
When government leaders are no-shows at major signings for China-Australia business deals, something may be amiss.
Blood on the Hands at a Bleeding Steel Mill
A takeover plan for Tonghua's steel mill died after employee fears, harsh rumors and management resistance led to an untimely death.
Blog: Defining Asia's 'Regions'
All countries divide the world into different regions and use this mental map of regions to shape their international engagement.
Filipinos Bid Adieu to a President with Heart
Inspiring but never pretentious Corazon Aquino has been loved ever since her 'people power' triumph. The love affair continues.
Police Officers Convicted in Torture Case
A court ruled against the officers in the death of a pharmaceutical salesman detained and beaten after six people died in a hospital.
China Downgrades Charges against Rio Exec
Allegations of state secrets theft have been dropped against Stern Hu and three Rio Tinto colleagues while a probe continues.
Chongqing War on Gangs Claims Ex-Top Cop
A crackdown on gang-related crime that already put 20,000 people in jail has led authorities to a former police official, Wen Qiang.
Water Prices Rising across China
Under growing pressure to conserve water and reform price controls, China's cities are introducing dramatic price hikes for water supplies and water treatment services.
One Man's Struggle for Black Lung Justice
A brick maker spent nearly two years successfully pursuing the occupational disease compensation he – and others -- deserved.
For Reform's Sake, Give Workers a Voice
A violent protest at a steel mill points a finger not at a privatization process but at the need for better worker-management dialogue.
Blog: Demystifying Asia's Nuclear Weapons Plight
Japan's security establishment – and all of Asia – should applaud a new level of U.S.-Japan talks on regional nuclear deterrence.
China Complains Against EU Anti-Dumping Measures
It is the first formal case brought by China against the EU since China joined the WTO in 2001.
Details of Steel Executive's Death Emerge
Root causes of the unrest at a Jilin Province steel mill that led to a general manager's beating death are slowly coming to light.
Slaying Scraps Tonghua Steel Takeover Plan
The death of Chen Guojin is still unsolved, but authorities have already laid to rest a business plan that preceded the violence.
Copper Firm's Ex-Secretary Gets Day in Court
Embezzlement and bribery charges have been hanging over Chen Shaofei since he vanished from the public eye last year.
Bridge Collapse Jogs Memories of Scandal
A Tianjin highway bridge tragedy blamed on overweight trucks was a deadly reminder of a road operator's scandalous past.
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