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Xie Fenghua, executive general manager of the Investment Banking Department at Citic Securities, has fled overseas after being suspected of insider trading.

The House of Representatives passed the bill 408-8; the Senate earlier approved the sanction 99-0.

The president of Belarus ordered a halt to the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe on Tuesday, escalating an energy conflict with Moscow.

Iran's nuclear chief says his country is designing a new atomic research reactor.

Taiwan's high court on Friday upheld corruption convictions for the island's former leader Chen Shui-bian and his wife, but reduced their life sentences to 20 years in jail.

South Korea has asked the United Nations Security Council to take actions against North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean warship.

China has turned down a proposed visit by the U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, saying the timing was "inconvenient."

At least 10 people have been killed after Israeli commandos have stormed a convoy of ships that were carrying aid to the Gaza Strip.

The Social Democratic Party dropped out of the three-party coalition in disgust over Mr. Hatoyama's failure to keep his promise to move an American marine base off Okinawa.

Ukrainian President said his country cannot join NATO because the majority of the population oppose it.

President Barack Obama has set out a new national security strategy described as a clean break with the Bush doctrine of unilateralism.

Russia will send a team of experts to South Korea to study the results of an international probe into the sinking of Seoul's warship.

North Korea said on Tuesday it will sever all relations with the north and completely cut all dialogues or contacts until North Korean President Lee Myung-bak leaves office in early 2013.

Iran threatens to abandon an agreement to export some of its nuclear material if the UN imposed more sanctions on Iran.

South Korea declared to sever trade with North Korea and deny North Korean merchant ships use of South Korean lanes and take Pyongyang to the UN Security Council.

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