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Two global typhoons -- KOLMAR and Glencore -- are reportedly involved in China’s largest oil smuggling in a decade with their Beijing branches staff being investigated.

Shares of Shuanghui fell 10 percent to 77.94 yuan yesterday after its subsidiary in Jiyuan city purchased pigs fed with the banned addictive Clenbuterol.

Highlights of Premier Wen' s government work report on Saturday morning at the annual session of the National People' s Congress (NPC).

Chinese economy has entered a new historical era, making it a necessity to restart reforming processes, as the so-called “demographic dividend” disappears over the next 30 years...

China's railway minister has been stripped of his job and is being investigated for corruption, but it will not affect the expansion of high-speed railways.

The Obama administration has unveiled its plan to shrink its role in the government-sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

A suicide bomber blew himself up Monday at Domodedovo airport, killing at least 35 and wounded more than 180.

China and the United States on Wednesday issued a joint statement, promising to cooperate on a wide range of issues.

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in the United States on Tuesday for a four-day state visit.

"To build a Xiaokang society in all respects is China’s development goal by 2020."

Local government on Thursday cleared rumors that the Jinan-based Qilu Bank is at risk of failure on a loan fraud probably involving more than one billion yuan.

Countries against lifting arm embargo such as the U.K, the Netherland, and Germany, have turned into “a tame opposition.”

Detailed regulations were formulated against price monopolies, which forbid enterprises from reaching price fixing agreements and other price monopoly activities.

The government highly values the positive role played by the Internet in enhancing supervision, and will continue to build and strengthen a convenient and unimpeded feedback channel for the public.

Under the agreement, local government pledged to compensate Xu Lindong for 300,000 yuan one-off in 15 days.

Three officials were arrested on criminal charges of abusing power following a deadly apartment fire in Shanghai on November 15 that killed 58.

South Korea has gone ahead with a live-firing artillery exercise on the frontier island Yeonpyeong, despite the north’s threat of retaliation.

Japan is considering increasing the number of its troops deployed in Okinawa and other places close to China to "step up vigilance against China."

Former chairman of China Mobile was under investigation on charges of bribery, following the detention of two other top executives in the company.

The nearly 60 billion U.S. dollars worth of deal will be completed over next 15 to 20 years; Once approved, it will be the largest arms sale in U.S. history.

A Chinese official warned the United States cannot win the trade fight, referring to the U.S. probe into China’s clean energy policies.

Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of the current leader Kim Jong Il was confirmed as the third-generation leader.

The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, aiming to seek trade sanctions on its trade partners for allegedly manipulating their currency, is a new move of the nation’s rising protectionism.

Territorial dispute is not only a matter concerning with sovereignty, but also a diplomatic issue. Talks over the disputed Diaoyu Islands would be the best policy for both countries while testing China’s wisdom in diplomacy.

Japan said it would ask China to pay for damage made to Japan Coast Guard vessels when a Chinese fishing boat collided with them off the water near Diaoyu Island.

“If Japan acts willfully despite advice to the contrary and insists on making one mistake after another, the Chinese side will take strong countermeasures.”

Taiwan's "FSC" is processing applications from the Chinese mainland's Bank of China and Bank of Communications to set up branch offices in Taiwan, and is expected to give its seal of approval before the end of this year

A printing house worker was detained by local police for “illegal business activities”, half month later after Xie Chaoping’s custody. He was the former superintendent of the printing of Xie’s book.

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