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Myanmar is sending its vice-president Tin Aung Myint Oo to China in an effort to repair ties with the country amid tensions after the suspension of a $3.6 billion dam project in the country

A top U.S. official warned Wednesday that Washington would cut its financial ties with China’s biggest four banks if any of them accepted payment from an Iran insurance company.

India’s state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is ready to enter into the disputed water in South China Sea for oil drilling, while claiming that the plan has been granted approval from Vietnam

In a U.S. diplomatic cable released by the Wikileaks showed that North Korea leader King Jong II had said he "does not trust China" when meeting Hyndai's chairwoman Hyun.

China's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Monday at a regular press release that China has never directly or indirectly sold arms to Gaddafi's regime.

Wen noted during his meeting Aquino the Philippine government should give a high priority of demands from Hong Kong authority and its people to well handle the hangover of the bus hijacking in the Philippine last Aug

Chinese President Hu Jintao played down the disputes of the South China Sea between the Philippines Wednesday and highlighted economic cooperation instead Wednesday

Business cooperation is among the first topics for discussion during Biden’s six-day visit, which began Wednesday.

The U.S. debt crisis following its first-ever downgrade and the projected arm sales to Taiwan are likely to become two key topics during U.S. Vice President Biden’s first official visit to China from Aug.17-22.

"I welcome this healthy and fair competition because I believe it will spur us both to innovate and we both will benefit from it."

China’s first aircraft carrier is expected to start trial in its continental sea, mostly likely on August 6

“Tokyo is acting out of ulterior motives to deliberately exaggerate the ‘China threat’.”

More than 4,000 corrupt officials fled China in the late 30 years, with each stealing, on average, an estimate of 100 million yuan

Aquino III warned that he would take actions to defend the country’s claims over the disputed area, including an upgrade of weapons.

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