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“It is an unfortunate incident,” ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a daily news conference, adding that China is “regret the loss of life.”

A South Korean coastguard was stabbed to death by a Chinese fisherman Monday while detaining a vessel operating “illegally” near South Korean waters,Yonhap said.

Annual survey by Japan's Cabinet Office shows 71.4% Japanese do not feel close to China in 2011, 6.4% lower than last year.

Half of the local governments have elected new party chiefs and leading group in China, a country that is undergoing a leadership transition in 2012.

It is the poor management and organization that probably have largely led to the deadly train collision in Wenzhou this July, rather than the failure in signaling equipments

Chinese Premier Wen Jibao warned Friday that foreign forces should not intervene in disputes over South China Sea for any reason whatsoever.

Chinese President Hu Jintao, in a speech delivered to the 19th APEC leaders’ meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, urged countries to forge ahead with a shift in growth model in the Asian Pacific region.

China sincerely hopes that the currency and economy in the euro zone will remain stable, Chinese president Hu Jintao told the French newspaper Le Figaro in an interview.

The current situation has reflected a lack of ocean strategy, under which, China has been under a passive state when confronting with surrounding countries in disputed waters

For the people of Yemen, the Arab Spring has already turned into a winter of discontent. And as the country slides towards anarchy, it may prove to be a very long, hard winter ahead.

Different views on the 1911 Revolution represent different interpretations of modern Chinese history. Caijing invited several domestic and foreign scholars to share their views a century after the Revolution.

The answers to the questions surrounding global governance will determine whether China can make the right strategic choices in the next decade.

An official newspaper in Myanma has warned that "nobody could damage the Myanma-Sino relations", the official China newspaper Guangming Daily reported.

China and Vietnam announced a peace agreement Wednesday, marking an effort to ease tensions following disputes over maritime territory in the South China Sea

At least 11 Chinese sailors were killed on the Mekong River after hijacked by unidentified armed gunmen while passing near the Golden Triangle on Oct 5.

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