Internet Posts Used in Zhuzhou Graft Trial
In a landmark case, a former city food bureau chief is accused of corruption based on Web postings by whistleblowers.
When Calamity Strikes, Who Should Pay?
Liability and victim compensation rules are under scrutiny in the wake of China's tainted milk case and similar incidents.
Tell-All Trial for a Real Estate Kingpin
Prosecutors say bribery was a source of cash and luxury apartments for ex-Shanghai official Kang Huijun and his wife.
Another Arrest at the Ministry of Commerce
Former deputy administrator of foreign investment at the Ministry of Commerce, Deng Zhan, has been arrested for accepting bribes.
EU Tightens Regs for Chinese Milk Products
The European Commission says it will test 100 percent of Chinese products which contain more than 15 percent milk powder.
Officials Detained for Landslide in Shanxi
Three officials from Xiangfen County have been detained for their role in a cover up that tried to downplay a devastating landslide that killed over 200 people.
Ex-Grain Chief Eyed in Sichuan Graft Probe
The procuratorate and Communist Party in Sichuan Province are investigating Li Yiliang, a longtime grain agency official.
Tainted Milk Brings Down Head AQSIQ
Li Changjiang, head of the agency in chage of food safety, has offered his resignation over the recent milk scandal.
Officials Removed for Nightclub Blaze
12 people have been detained in connection with the September 20 blaze that killed 43 people and injured 88 in a Shenzhen nightclub.
Courts Deliberate Software Piracy Cases
Shanghai and Shenzhen courts are trying suspects arrested last year following a China-U.S. police investigation into software piracy.
Taiwan Bans Mainland Dairy Products
The Taiwan Department of Health has banned import of all dairy and plant protein products from China's mainland.
Head of Yunnan Copper Group Arrested
Yunan Copper Group's former CEO, Zou Shaolu, and two of his aids have been arrested for accepting as much as 35 million yuan in kickbacks.
Chinese Bankers Face Up to 65 Years in Jail
The convictions in Nevada of a pair of ex-Bank of China managers capped a record, US$ 485 million embezzlement case.
China: Common Ground in White House Race
Policy statements from U.S. presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain reflect shared perspectives on China.
Huge Lending Racket Unravels in Jishou
A post-riot investigation has shut down a loan scheme involving a dozen companies and small investors.
Key Member of Yongjin Group in detention
Chairman of YITIC and Yongjin official Liu Gang under investigation; Yongjin’s acquisition in doubt.
MOFCOM Official Detained
One official and two lawyers have been detained by the CPC on bribery charges that link a Beijing law firm to MOFCOM.
Audit Finds Misconduct in the Ministry of Railway
Subsidiaries set up by the local departments of the Ministry of Rail have been found in violation by government auditors.
Antitrust Claim Puts State Agency on Trial
A test case for China’s new antitrust law pits angry enterprises against a barcode system with a government investor.
Quiet Factory Buzzes with Graft Scandals
The July detention of Chen Shaoyong and his wife was the latest attack in a long war against Fujian Province corruption.
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